Sister Evil

Sister Evil


Reasons why I should be your girl: The Rock n Roll Version.

Just to put this out there, I'm real - not a bot-generated pseudo sexpot trying to stick your computer with some of the e-virus. I'm sick of dating selfish, non-caring, insipid, ungrateful losers. I'm not going to give you the schpiel like other ads saying that "OMG I NEED A REEEALL MAAN WHO CAN TAKE CARE OF MEEE". Truth is, I'm darn good at looking after myself! Don’t get me wrong when I find someone, I have no trouble spoiling them, cooking wicked dinners, or doing little things just to show that I am thinking about them. Cute AND caring go figure!

I love sports as much or maybe MORE than you do!! I go into at least one NFL pool for the season, NHL, and even a Nascar pool!!! I have no problem staying home on a Sunday and watching football from 10 am to 10 pm. PLUS I always cook a wicked Sunday Night meal!

I've dated girls before. That means I've been on your side of this whole "relationship" thing. I am not going to try and imprison you with my compulsive girly insecurities. I'm not going to make you stop hanging out with your friends or prevent you from going to shows or strip clubs. I won't even tell you to stop guzzling your favorite beer or to put the weed down long enough to have a coherent conversation. And I'm certainly not going to vent about it to my other friends behind your back (unless you fail to share said the weed with me.)

I also love going to concerts. Not the typical pop/rock crap, but the good hard rock / heavy metal shows down at the commodore or any other venue here and across the border. Lemmy IS god!

I'm not having much luck I am sure there are alot of fun guys out there somwehere? Comeone lets go catch a football game or ball game or play some virtual reality gold! Just ask me! I am actually a very nice, sweet and very caring person. I am super loyal to my friends and will give them the shirt off my back if they need it. I do have tattoos that are visible, just in case its a problem for you.

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