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Helen Favaron

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Retired in 1997 to the greatest area in the world, Kerrville, Texas. Been to every high school game, preseason, and finals included for the Kerrville Tivy Antlers. Two of my three children graduated from here one in 2006 and one in 2010. Although San Antonio does not include our team, until we reach the finals..... we are still in their territory. We mainly start the season against 5A teams preparing ourselves for the 4A season in district 28-4A. The last several years Kerrville Tivy has gone far into the playoff hunt.
This year, with Johnny Manziel out of college and watching grow in the eyes of the public it is difficult hearing the negative things people say about him. He is an amazing athletic and still so very young. He will be an asset to any team who picks him and personally, I hope that he stays in Texas. Houston would be a huge draw with him in the drivers seat. They can groom him into the man he needs to be to lead their team.

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