Tommy Feliciano


I love the New York Yankees. But above everything else, I love baseball. I really truly do, and I love reading about baseball, and recently have become interested in writing about it.

Despite being a Yanks fan, and the reputation my kind have, I'm extremely open-minded and level-headed and appreciate players and teams outside of the Bronx.

I'm just here to hopefully say something that's worth reading.


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  • Skip posted 3003 days ago


    My first article, tell me what you think.:)


  • Mike Kent posted 3226 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    Hi , did you see the NY sports page on BR? it is not doing to well. it only has 4 fans, i think we should make it better and take the page under are wing, its time to for us to represent NY and show the world what this great place is all about. I asked Angel Navedo to be the community leader, we will see what he says. Are you in ?