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  • Australian posted 241 days ago


    Realest guy in the room.

  • Australian posted 242 days ago


    My thoughts during MITB. Opening 'Climb' promo was an awesome start. Well done production team. Wyatt Family's new entrance and music was cool. Incredible match. Both teams on fire. Beautiful to watch. Allowed the crowd to settle and then brought them alive. MITB stats segment was interesting. Sandow and Rose was plain good fun. Sandow's opening 'Boston' promo was hilarious. Briefcase time! The spots in this match were outrageous. Outcome was predictable but it's always the journey that's the fun part. I was feeling the pain of some of those shot from my couch. Rusev v Big E was a highlight for me. Rusev is moving up my charts. His music always is stuck in my head! WWEWHC was indeed brutal. I loved each guy's spots. I was so hoping for Bray or Roman. Cena winning was no surprise. The way he won so cheaply was interesting. They almost want us to hate on him now. Even though he was booked as the top face overcoming the top heel... HHH is now using Cena's bipolar reactions to it's full effect. I think it's worth it some times to finish a PPV hating on Cena. That in itself makes for entertainment. It also makes the great moments, like WM30, a more rare special moment. You've got to take the good with the bad. So to speak. Overall, I absolutely enjoyed my MITB experience. Well worth my day off. Roll on RAW tomorrow!

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 291 days ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.


  • Australian posted 324 days ago


    Have loved every second of WWE action in the last week. Don't think I have ever been so excited to be a WWE fan in my life. Wrestlemania 30 was amazing. So happy for Bryan. He deserved that moment and it was truly special. Bray Wyatt was the highlight for me. I know he lost to Cena, but Wow! What a performance. He sold that story perfectly. The way Cesaro won was mind blowing. I was as shocked as everyone with The Streak being defeated. I loved the shock factor though. It was so unexpected it was brilliant. The Streak defeated is now symbolic for the New Era to officially begin. Other notes for me included the epic HHH entrance and those badass Shield masks.

    Post WM RAW... Speechless. It was like being a kid at Christmas. That crowd was insane! They made the product so fun and enjoyable.

    I am hoping that Enzo and Cass cement themselves as true NXT stalwarts before being called up. With the number of NXT superstars introduced on RAW there will be plenty of spots to fill on the NXT show and I don't want it to suffer. Enzo should return in 2 to 3 weeks and immediately rejuvenate the Tag division. He is yet to really prove himself as a wrestler but hopefully he will given time. He has certainly proven himself as a mouthpiece however and no doubt he would suit a manager role.

  • Australian posted 326 days ago


    How freaking awesome was Mania dude? The entrances, the attires, the action packed matches, the shocks and emotions! It had it all. Loved every minute. Long live the WWE.

  • Australian posted 335 days ago


    Great to see someone pumped for Wrestlemania. Take my fan add.