Jon Lioncourt

Jon Lioncourt


As an accomplished author and journalist, Jon Lioncourt holds a B.A. in Business Administration and M.A. in Social & Behavioral Sciences. Lioncourt is a contributing sports journalist with Bleacher Report, Chicago Times, LA Times, Washington Post and a senior contributor with TripAdvisor. Hailing from Washington, D.C., Jon is the author of two books, “The Father I Missed” and “Treat Your Children With Care”, focusing on child abuse prevention and social stereotypes of underprivileged youths and their parents.

Lioncourt’s articles have been picked up by various news outlets and in particular, the Tim Tebow Foundation, which is renowned for working with children with disabilities and health issues. “We must build a foundation for our children so they may grow to their ultimate potential”, says Lioncourt. “I support the Tebow Foundation not because of the celebrity behind it, but because of the intent of the purpose”.

Lioncourt now resides in Florida where he continues to develop his writing portfolio, as well as his experience working in office administration and business ethics. Jon writes about sports when not in the office.

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