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Sammy Cole


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  • Justin Davis posted 2082 days ago

    Justin Davis

    Hey a cpl months back I saw you were asking about larry...ever find out where he went?

  • Jonathan McDanal posted 2146 days ago

    Jonathan McDanal

    So far, the articles I've written have either been on my mind for a while or headlines passed down from the "next level." Having said that, your comments (and some comments from other regular readers) have reinforced my instinct to publish at a particular time.

    If I do get an idea for an article from a reader's comment, I generally ask them for permission to use the conversation as a springboard for an article.

    To clarify, though, I'm not offended that you have noticed some correlation from comments to articles. As a writer, my job is to give readers what they want, and comments heavily affect when I publish what articles (regardless of where the idea comes from).

    Specifically, the "Unwritten Rules" article was a direct response to readers' comments in the "Advice to the Team" article. Everyone had locked-in on the "teabagging" incident, so I brought the "Rules" off the shelf. :)

    You and a couple others definitely had a direct affect on the timing of that one. :)

    Thank you for reading, and thank you for noticing. :) Have a great day, Sammy!

  • Jonathan McDanal posted 2154 days ago

    Jonathan McDanal

    Saw your comment on my "Advice to the Team..." article. That's exactly how I feel! You will appreciate the article I am publishing tomorrow night around 11PM (EST). It will be in the Wednesday B/R newsletter. :)