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matt nichols


You know that guy that gets made fun of for being 30 and living in his parents basement? Yep, that's me. I'm the walking, talking embodiment of " failed potential " .... When people want an example for when they say " you don't wanna grow up to be him " , they point to me.... All this leaves me with an unhealthy vitriolic nature and sarcastic attitude. Which, I hope to provide in my writing. I love the Tennessee Volunteers and The Pittsburgh Steelers.... And making bad decisions, that have led me to being " that guy " .... haha

I'm a lifelong Tennessee fan. The first game I attended was Akron Vs. Tennessee.... Sitting here, 20 years later, who would have thought we'd resemble The Zips more than The Vols of 20 years past. I'm optimistic about the future though, and I said the same thing when I was 18, and here I am, typing this in my parents basement with Wrestling, Football and Movie posters hanging on my wall in between stands holding action figures.... Obviously, I practice blind optimism, ha.... But, Tennessee will be back.... Until then, I'll write in between the tears that cascade down my face as season after season of mediocrity rolls by....

Steelers fan from the years where Bubby Brister led them to average glory and heights.... ' why do you hate the Titans for? ' I get asked a lot, considering I live in Nashville. This answer is simple. I loathe the Titans because they were the Oilers and there were many times when I was a wee fat little kid, that the Oilers beat the Steelers, sending me to my room eating gummy bears and crying.... You know, the way a fat kid deals with heartbreak - eating and crying in too tight clothing.... I've harassed Neil O'Donnell through email when he worked at a news station in town and I consider Ben Roethlisberger to be misunderstood.... Ha....

Anyways, don't look for any english grammar trophies from my blogs and articles. Those are for nerds and people with abnormally large brains. I just write what I feel. Boom! Hope you enjoy, playas.

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