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  • casey plunkett posted 2365 days ago

    casey plunkett

    bernard hopkins and the celtics:

    bernard hopkins set a record recently for being the oldest fighter to attain an actual world title. He's has been pushed out of the sport by commentators, boxing commissions, and even his own promotional company who he is a business partner with. A young champion jean pascal called out hopkins after a win over chad dawson. Chad Dawson was the ring magazines lt. heavy wt. champion. Chad dawson although the champion never was a fan favorite. After pascal defeated dawson he needed a big name to conquer. pascal chose hopkins. Once the fight was announced Hopkins heard every negative comment in the book that can be thrown at an aging fighter. "He just needs the money." "He doesn't know when to quit." "we fear for his health."
    Pascal and hopkins met in Canada were pascal and hopkins fought to a unanimous draw. this decision was contraversial and was seen as a home town decision. Many thought hopkins did enough to earn the win. Hopkins refused to believe the heinous comments directed at him. It was clear to everyone that hopkins is in boing for the right reasons and not only does he fight with pride but he is still a force to be reckoned with.
    The controversial decision applied pressure for pascal to accept a rematch. In the rematch hopkins schooled the young aggressive champion and won a lopsided decision.

    "They said we were done two years ago..." Rajon Rondo
    "When we loose they say it's because were too old. When we win it's because we're experienced..." Ray Allen.
    The basketball criticues should learn from Bernard Hopkins. A Champion is most dangerous once it becomes the common conception that they can't.
    Take heed of my comments as the celtics will surely come for blood next season.

  • P Mcpherson posted 2501 days ago

    P Mcpherson

    Are you really pauly boy?

  • Thomas H. posted 2576 days ago

    Thomas H.

  • Jared Vela posted 2583 days ago

    Jared Vela

    Would you mind bombing in the spurs game in the R season pleez
    Good luck beating the heat I want you to win the east.

  • Jam Kidlat posted 2597 days ago

    Jam Kidlat

    Your an ass hole