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Alex Francis

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About me....ummmm, 24 years on this planet, educated to degree standard so im not actually as thick as i sound/look, been watching wrsetling since i was like 4 or 5 but my real true love is football (soccer) for you yanks sports, nearly all sports even AMERICAN football and baseball.... although I can only actually play about 3 or 4 competently!!! I have a bag of opinions and views on stuff like wrestling and this seems like the place to get them heard and hear other peoples thought and opinions.........Hmmmmm what else?? I live in London, England, best city in the world and i hate time zone differences, always forcing me to stay up late to watch WWE/TNA/UFC when its stateside. God this is harder than i thought........errrrrmmm i like reading books and watching movies and tv........and i have a constant thirst fot knowledge

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