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I have been watching sports my whole life. I love sports. I can not imagine anything else having the same effect on my life as sports does. It is a great feeling to watch your team win. It is even better when they beat your buddies favorite team.

I was at the 2004 NCAA National Championship when my LSU Tigers took home the trophy. I watched Warren Morris hit the home run to clinch the 1996 College World Series. I saw the Blue Grass Miracle. I have been to hundreds of Saints games. I live for Sports.

I attended the 2010 SEC baseball tournament in Hoover,Alabama and was fortunate enough to watch my LSU Tigers win their third consecutive SEC tournament defeating Florida, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, and Alabama.

I have lived in Texas, Florida, and Louisiana. I was born and raised in New Orleans, where I still live.

I write about sports and women because, well, IT IS AWESOME TO DO!

My articles have been linked to in the LA Times, NY Times, Maxim.com, Examiner.com, Coedmagazine.com, seattlepi.com, Dallas Daily News, Houston Chronicle, Sports illustrated, CBSsports.com Cracked.com, USAToday.com, TMZ.com, and bustedcoverage.com

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September 17th, 2012 - #1

Thanks to all your comments and feedback, I truly appreciate it. Also, to all my fans, thanks for the support.

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  • Chris Gibbins posted 678 days ago

    Chris Gibbins

    Rugby and soccer are not the biggest sports in Australia, not even close. The biggest by far is Australian Rules football (afl.com.au) and next biggest is horse racing (4th largest industry in the country). Check out YouTube- "This is Australian Rules"

  • evan virt posted 974 days ago

    evan virt

    oh and she just turned 21 and put some here too http://www.facebook.com/chloesuttonswim?fref=ts

  • evan virt posted 974 days ago

    evan virt

    new pics of Chloe Sutton http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151442462353162.533669.619333161&type=1 and yes I agree she is sexy always win or lose

  • hal lifson posted 1008 days ago

    hal lifson

    Hey good work on inc Maggie Vessey on your list of Hot Athletes! I am Maggie's publicist. Check out my web site HalLifson.com. She has some awesome pics you should see that she took with Playboy's Stephen Wayda, who shot most of Pamela's layouts and has been shooting Playmates for 35 yrs. Maggie's photos are not for Playboy, but very hot! One of them can be seen on her Twitter Page and on my web site, on her NBC story. Keep up the good work Thomas! Hal Lifson

  • Aaron Cleveland posted 1053 days ago

    Aaron Cleveland


  • T 13 posted 1067 days ago

    T 13

    Thanks man!

  • bobbi Jamison posted 1206 days ago

    bobbi Jamison

    I'm happy that you have so many fans, but your recent article about female athletes was demeaning and insulting. Are you able to write an article about female athletes that gives the same respect as you give male athletes? If not, I would like to request that you do a post about the sex appeal of male athletes in the same length.

  • Harrison Wright posted 1225 days ago

    Harrison  Wright

    Thats pretty cool how your article reads is going up every year

  • Joe Greene posted 1260 days ago

    Joe Greene

    Kristina Akra works for the Nationals/MASN and has a multi-year deal. She won't be going any time soon.

  • Aaron G. posted 1360 days ago

    Aaron G.

    RE: WAG list. You got the wrong picture of Steve Nash's girlfriend Brittany. You put a picture of an actress.