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Brennan Ronald. 17. Bellarmine College Preparatory.

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  • Wes posted 2720 days ago


    I would love for you to try and punch me in the face. My guess is that you don't have the hand-eye coordination to do it..

    I guess I should sit back and never be critical of a college athlete and waive my pom poms. Sorry that I think your team runs a Mickey Mouse operation.

    It's ironic that your entire post to me is negative, yet you rip me for not being positive.

    If you want things to be happy all the time go watch Disney movies,

    When did Boise State beat Oregon State? 2006? You have to go that far back to find a big win for the program? The reason you have to go back that far is because your schedule is weak and your conference is a joke.

    VaTech wins the game by double digits an the dream of a National Championship ends after the first week.

    You want something positive? Boie State will win the WAC.

    And I didn't know my articles stopped anyone from playing. Glad to know I have that kind of power in your feeble mind.