Jeremy is a senior at Muhlenberg College studying Political Science. His work has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, SportsCenter and the Boston Globe. Jeremy is a featured columnist for the New York Rangers, as well as a member of the Breaking News Team. Likes sushi, hamburgers. Recovering Diet Coke addict. Jeremy is passionate about a variety of sports and looks forward to sharing his knowledge and opinions with everyone out there.

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  • dylan w posted 356 days ago

    dylan w

    you know nothing about hockey

  • dylan w posted 356 days ago

    dylan w

    you need to be fired, asap

  • Just Win posted 366 days ago

    Just Win

    Your article "Jeremy Lin Should Remain With Houston Rockets", well written article.

    Good jobs!

  • Bryan Day posted 401 days ago

    Bryan Day

    When editing your 'Belmont Stakes' story, the second orange bar under the 'Orb' heading got moved accidentally. I think I got it back in place, but I wanted you to know. Plus, the system told me your headline was too long, so I made a slight adjustment. See if you want to change it.

  • twotimer posted 402 days ago



  • J Lounsbery posted 454 days ago

    J Lounsbery

    Great NYR song written by 10 year old fan

  • Reade Seiff posted 462 days ago

    Reade Seiff

    Who would you consider at this point to win the Vezina at this point in the season?

  • TEH Tide posted 521 days ago

    TEH Tide

    The SEC is your favorite conference yet none of your favorite teams are SEC teams???

  • alex dow posted 541 days ago

    alex dow

    your article about shumpert was horrible, im considering not visiting this site anymore, im so sick of terrible articles that are nothing more than baseless preditions.

  • Vinny Hardy posted 689 days ago

    Vinny Hardy

    Nice write up about you in the B/R blog today.

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