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The Fink Would like to wish you to have A GREAAAT TWENNNTY FOOOUUURRRTTEEEEN!!

top 5 songs atm
1.starting over , kse
2, rose of Sharon ,kse
3 shut it down devil you know
4 had enough breaking benjamen
5 due time by kse

"devil you know" keep fighting Howard Jones.
I am just a runner and Baker, moving to cookin in the winter at a café food , whilst trying to be a wrestler.
2platoon for life love you cuzzies , Vessili, Chanelle , The bro Edward , Chris ,lewis ,Kyriakos
and the bro kingy from the kingy wrestling tour in the us.

WWE RAW -set Raw 06
WWE champion(Dark red Strap) -Nick Nemeth
Us(white strap)- Evan Bourne
tag(tombstone with a sword inside and axes on each side) Beer Money Inc

Tna set Old school impact zone)
Tna world title -Triple h
Ftw- Eddie Guerrero
tag- air Domination (samoa joe and aj styles)

WWF Smackdown-set AE smackdown
WWF world Champion (dark blue strap) Shawn Michaels
Smackdowns Roh champion -Bob Holly
tag(arrow shaped skull inside a circle) Death Squad (my caw and cm punk)

DCW Unleashed Industries
Ui WHC - Edge
Ui Ic- Drew Hankinson
Ui Tag ( ac Black flag logo with U.l and i.n) The hooligans (London and Kendricks)

(womens hardcore Melina Perez
womens world - android 18
hardcore- Bowser
X-division - RVD
European champ- Gohan

nick nemeth vs retro flair
new nation vs beer money
jeff hardy- Sandow
Bob holly vs Dusty
Claudio Castagnoli vs wade Barett

Leonidas vs Carlito
Batista -Trips vs Daniel bryan and Bret Hart

friends Don't let friends listen to rap.
I love rpgs , books ,mmos , rugby , football and basketball.
music is my life.
NikelBack sucks
Chad Kroeger looks like a rapist.

I love both skyrim and dragon age origins equally,
I believe orcs should be big huge green and ugly.
and warhammer rules,.

Dylan Roberts ( up and coming welsh man, finisher steak slice (cutter) my move lol
check him out people.

Skyrim Characters
Andrew, Nord rogue .
Uhtred the wicked, nord Shord and shield war lord.
Amun Ra Tiger Fang, Khajjit two handed warrior
Chris , Mace wielding cleric, Templar (wears Armor)
Sten Of The Barresaad , two handed warrior.
Morrigan , mage

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  • Wi-Yeng Chen posted 179 days ago

    Wi-Yeng Chen

    herrrrroooooo andrew

  • Shield Maiden posted 185 days ago

    Shield Maiden


  • Shield Maiden posted 188 days ago

    Shield Maiden

    Lol I'd like to cast a shock spell on this chick Nattie who is indirectly attacking me , VKAt and your brother.

  • Shield Maiden posted 192 days ago

    Shield Maiden

    True. No more frostbite spiders.

  • Hawks Red posted 194 days ago

    Hawks Red

    yeah ive heard of him. actually googled him a couple of days ago because of you.

  • Hawks Red posted 195 days ago

    Hawks Red

    do you even know who tupac is?

  • Long gone posted 196 days ago

    Long gone


  • Long gone posted 197 days ago

    Long gone

    My god how did this start in the first place lol

  • Edward Morris posted 197 days ago

    Edward Morris

    Agreed. He lost as soon as he started the gay jokes.

  • Hawks Red posted 197 days ago

    Hawks Red

    you are afraid of the mountain of dick im about to shove into your mom