Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith


I have been a fan of the Los Angeles Kings and the NHL since 1986. I was 9 years old and Gretzky hadn't yet arrived in LA. Cable TV in San Diego carried Prime Ticket (which later became Prime Sports and eventually FSN West) which was the Kings TV network. I have been to many games in person at the old Forum, Staples Center and even a couple other arenas when the Kings were out of town.

I've always had a gift for the written word. My mother is a published writer, so it runs in the family. I excelled in English and Literature classes as a youth but decided after years of debate to get my college degree in Computer Science because I felt the financial ceiling for an IT professional was higher than that of a sports beat writer or a music journalist (music is my other passion). Many time I have wondered if I made the wrong decision!

In essence, the Bleacher Report is a great opportunity for me to combine my love of writing with my passion for the NHL and more specifically, Kings hockey. Being a Kings fan doesn't carry with it the same stigma as being a fan of some of the more successful NHL franchises. We have not won a championship in 40 years of existance, but those of us who are die hards know that the Cup isn't too far off in the future. I am a supporter of GM Dean Lombardi's rebuilding plan but am also objective and not afraid to call it like it is. It's part of being a passionate fan, being able to call out players and other members of the organization who aren't up to spec!

I hope you will enjoy some of my writing. This will be a lot of fun for me, and if it should lead to other opportunities down the road, even better!

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