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  • Carlos Guerra posted 4 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    Another thing.

    I know this question is annoying, but I really want to know?
    (Excuse me) Why this supporters and the club rate Schemlzer so highly in terms of talent?
    Im not saying its bad but we all know how Schemlzer is really as a player. So why whenever anyone talks about him as he is world class quality, even Watzke after he signed his new contrack he said that BvB tied one of the "Best Left-Backs in existence". Are the fans so eager to see a player with loyalty in the team ,are the club so eager to have a player that is as close as possible to the fans or there is something else?
    It really makes me wonder

  • Carlos Guerra posted 4 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    Yep, am in there as well. I started following the site since November

    I was able to watch a rematch of the game against Monaco.
    What a shame, it happened the bad outcome for us.
    Well not really mad or pissed about the defeat, there is no shame about in loosing against a team good team.
    However what pissed a lot of people the fact that despite Reus goal we barely did pose a challenge in a consistent basis. It annoyed many because even if we had end up loosing the fans dont want to see an embarassement( harsh word, while it wasnt an embarassement you know what I am trying to say) apart from the second half at home and some moments at Monaco. The first half at home i give them that, especially after nearly escaping with their lives.

    About the players:
    - Oh boy I never saw Reus so frustated with his teamates before, he wasnt really far from being pissed off with them.

    -Durm was inexistent, didnt show any resembling quality or solidity neither at defending or attacking. He was a little mad about being subbed off at 21 mins, but he was rightly subbed off as he was a walking disaster.

    -Ginter was really off he always seems overwhelmed and tries too hard and then falters. On the second goal he didnt followed the play he just watched, not joking but I played fifa yestedray with dortmund but ended up loosing because ginter didnt track and run aand just watched how Luis Suarez headed the ball.

    -Pizceck was again ripped to shreds by the opposition and been guilty of giving to cheap goals( the pizcseck of 2012-2013 is long gone)

    -Weigl was man marked by 2 and couldnt 2 much of anything( classical gameplan when to play against Dortmund)

    -Sahin was great, after he was subbed off from the match it was Tuchel message of gg. Almost scored and could have turned the match upside down.Wether his good run of form in the last matches will be able to change his destiny at the club is unknown.

    -Guerreiro Solid while on the wings, but didnt do well at the CM position. Just because he is playing as CM doesnt make him a capable CM. This clearly should open the eyes of the supporters who still believe he has a future as a CM.

    -Kagawa. I give him a six and even then he was one of the best performers.

    -Aubameyang. In his defense he didnt have any service at all. But it is really detrimental to us that if our main strikers becomes invisible once the attcking supply to cut off. He can be sold ONLY if Lacazette is coming. No need to repeat the Lewandowski debacle

    -Schemlzer He was hardworker, and that helped the team. But he was far from reinvogariting the entire left side as Stephan Buckso says

    -Dembele. Still looking tired, but he is still manage to grab an assist while causing trouble from time to times. Decent cameo

    - Pulisic. It was over when he already entered

    Never done this before, but it had to be said Tuchel clearly didnt know what the hell he was doing. He tries to be like Guardiola did at Bayern, only that doesnt works here well because we dont have that level of squad depth. Sahin subbed off for Schemlzer WTF?!
    putting Durm as starter in a win or die match after recovering from injury, Did I missed something?. While I´havent been much of a critic to him, he rightly deserve the flak he is currently receiving

    If Lacazette agrees to come, I would like to sell Aubameyang and reinforce the defense.
    Would you like an scenario like this to happen?

    I read that Weigl said " we younger players will grow from this" But I only agree partly with it. He saids that we were among the 3 youngest teams in the champions league, that hurts a lot. But thats incorrect our average today was 25 years old. A couple of young players doesnt makes the youngest team in the champions League and a 25 years average age isnt excatly young in terms of football. The one that were young and inexperienced were Monaco and guess what they gave us a lesson in how to play football.
    It wasnt because we were too young or some inexperienced players, we simply didnt play good enough

    Thoughts on everything?

  • Carlos Guerra posted 7 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    On another note I was talking with some supporters, and red a lot on many sites and places that have a considerable amouth supporters commenting. And I have to say never saw the mood this divided and low. Not even in the 2014-2015, were mood was low but was always with hope

    A lot of supporster and I mean a lot I talked about dont have any faith in the tomorrow.
    All the people I have talked are very dissapointed by this club season with a lot of supporters dont really seeing any chance tomorrow , much less hope in the Pokal semi-final. They just want to get this over with. Even the guys at Dortmund reddit dont really expect anything from the team, and keep in mind the guys in dortmund reddit are usually the "positve guys".

    Others said that being happy with being 4th after the clubs loves to call itself " the second best runner ups ever in the bundesliga" is an embarassement for the current capacity ability of this squad even with the squad overhaul.
    Many also even more angry because said last summer that we wouldnt doing anything worthwile next season if a CB & a CM didnt arrived. Fast forwarding to present day it happened, Tuchel requested reinforcements but the club said " you will be fine" and it took being 6th at the end of December for the club to realize it that it should have done better. And then news about Dortmund finalizing a deal for Toprak & the chase for Dahoud signature intensified ( coincedence I think not). They are angry because the current could have been avoided and easily being better. ( a current friend of mine has the mindset)

    I also saw that Schurrle is looked very poorly regarded ( pherhaps even by the whole majority of the supporter?Seriously not even mhikitaryan was regarded this poorly even with his misses against Madrid, and his awful second season at the club, and fact he jumped that jumped the ship at the first opportunity; with many saying that schurle current season make Mhiki first season at Dortmund look world class.

    I know that in a club with around 15 millions supporters there will be many different oppinions, but wow . Its like everyone just wants the season to end right now.
    Im pretty sure the mood in Germany is totally different but I like to point out how it is in other parts of the world.

  • Carlos Guerra posted 7 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    About Tomorrow´game.
    I am really 50/50 about it. For one part I beleive in our team chances of success because we have a starting eleven composed of talented individuals that have shown in the past how well they can perform under the spotlight. We have the team to score 3-4 goals as much as we have the team to not conceded goals or at conceed just one goals. Compared to City we are more formidable than city as a "team", we could really easy blow monaco out of the water. We can reach the semifinals to get a hold on that money to increase our revenue. We have the quality to do it, and we can do it.

    On the other side however is wich face of the team would show up tomorrow. On the last years quality of this team( at least starting eleven) was never in doubt, the issues that always were scrutinized were always consistency, form, injuries,and a little of mentality.
    I mean, the team still kinda shook up from the incident some of them have said that they are having problem sleeping, they are issues of fitness with Dembele and Aubameyang being very exhausted.

    Also things can get complicated if we conceded at least one goal, our defenders are good but they arent that good to maintain a level of consistency for long stretches. Lets face from the current defenders in the team Sokratis is the only that can do the job and hold up well even at 70 % of play. Pizceck( currently), Ginter,Schmelzer; Bartra ( he been since the second half of the season began but still), Bender & Durm are ripped to shreds everytime they dont play at 110%.
    Sure we have Burki behind but he cant always pull miracles ;while the defense have lot of confidence on him he sure as hell doesnt feel the same way about them.
    There is also wether Aubameyang will score, Tuchel doing the tatctics correctly and not bizarre experiments.
    The lost at home also puts more pressure on us than them,

    Not saying it would be bad, but I can seriously go both ways

    Would you like to add something? Or mention something?

    P.D: I would not be able to see the game, I will be busy studing

  • Carlos Guerra posted 10 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    Pizceck(aeging) and Durm( injury issues) alone arent enough.
    I know Tuchel is the manager but ¿If he really believes that dont you think he is being too naive?

  • Carlos Guerra posted 10 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    It you could would you sign a RB this summer?

    I would really like to see us bring-in a new RB outside from Pizceck ( which is ageing), the RB situation is an uncertainty. It would be really nice to bring someone with the capacity to able to play and with the capacity become an starter while he learns a trick or two from Pizceck.

    I mean even If Aubameyang doesnt leaves it would be wrong that arrivals of Dahoud & Toprak be our only moves in the transfermarket. As there is no reason to believe that this Dortmund squad doesnt have any more room for improvement

  • Carlos Guerra posted 12 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    Couldnt watch the game, I was doing a test during it( currently finishing the semester in the university)

    The injury to Barta could have been more serious, they found a piece of sharpnell that ithat almost impacted the head rest.

    About the game a friend told me that the scoreline didnt exacly reflected the match. That even with being shook up in the we could(should) have ended the first half with 0 goals conceded.

    Talked that the first goal was clearly offsided with the second one bender scored an own goal out of nowhere that epitomized bender first half. After that him being rightly subbed off in the 44 min.
    He also mentiones also mentioned that Pizceck was really terrible while managin to gift a goal out of nowhere, plus a penalty not being awarded for us at the end.
    But on the second half we were good, and that if it werent for the offside goal and the two gifted goals we could have end up wining the match 2-1 or even drawing 2-2.

    Is he wrong or do I need another trust another another reviewer lol ? Also how do you see us for next the game in monaco?

  • Carlos Guerra posted 16 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    I was talking with some supporters ,and share my opinion that the club must do everything in the power to finish third in order to enter champions league directly while avoiding the qualifying phase. It turned out to be a big mistake, as people literally ripped me to shreds for having "unrealistic expectations".
    Wanting to finish third to avoid playing the qualifying phase is unrealistic expectations....
    Do some supporters even follow the club, cause answers like that make me wonder

    Some friends warned me off dortmund reddit, and how its is the wildwest not to mention how toxic it can be sometimes. Guess I should have listened them

  • Carlos Guerra posted 17 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    WOW, very frustating game to put it kindly, However at the bottom I kinda expected it.

    Not really an exageration we were missing 4 players from our starting line; with the special abscences of Weigl & Kagawa being sorely missed today. Not to mention the injuries to Schurle and Durm robbing Tuchel more capacity to readjust the team with that in mind it would been hard to get a result today.
    By looking at the lineups, it was clear that we weren't going for this game as much as Bayern, granted we had injuries but still. I was not expecting a win. I was just hoping to atleast bring at least 1 point or even a decent perfomance.
    The team today was basically the strongest team we were able to muster for this matchday, but it wasnt enough we lacked quality but mainly maturity.
    The youngsters were overwhelmed, and the experienced players that played today were not be able to provide leadership.

    Some fans talked about how Schemlzer, Aubameyang, Castro, Sokratis failed to provide some example of that ( and rightly so) but lets face they dont have any leadership qualities whatsoever they arent even "the strong silent type ",they arent really the guys you look around to get out of a situation if things go wrong. Ironically the only one with that caracteristics was Lewandowski.
    Seriously man every since Lewandowski departure this team has lacked in leadership, ¿havent you feel it that way too?

    Without Weigl we just didnt have anyone in the field to stabilize our midfield, thus our we couldnt maintain posession much less attack in an organized matter. Also failling to cover the defense as the midfield was easily bypassed.Castro just couldnt bring some of that today.
    Aubameyang failled to score probably his most clear chance of the game, and he was really desinterested. Altlhough the lack of an structured attacking play didnt help him eitherYoungers as i mentioned before were overwhelmed with Dembee having his worst match in a BvB shirt, Pulisic couldnt make an influence, Mor almost caused a penalty

    Guerreriro was average despite the goal, ginter was decent but thats not saying much given how we played today. Being decent wasnt really that hard to achieve.
    Rode needs to leave , he just doesnt fits in the team game structure. Isnt working for him nor the club

    Tuchel was frustated , for some moments it appeared as if the rest of his fair would fell off. Although his decision to bring Rode and put Merino as a CB was baffling really

    Schemlzer was our worst defender today and one of the worst players in the field, sure the entire tea wasnt up to the challenge, but aside from Dembele noone was as bad him by such a huge margin. I said it before, Schemlzer is just a "solid-harkworker player" when is hes doesnt plays at his 110% everyone cant run past him, and guy like Robben rip him to shreds like happened today, lets face it.
    I really like him as part of the team but please tell me ¿what supporters see on him? I mean really he isnt really good at attacking( he doesnt need it but still), he isnt that good at defending really nor in tacklin,markina& anticipitation. His biggest hightlight as a defender is that he is hardworker that is able to execute gegenpressing that allows him to be an important part of our gameplan. So why supporters talk about him as was some world-class left back or leader on the pitch when he is absolutely none is it because because he have been in the team for almost 11 years or people just desperate to see someone in the team that is loyal to the club or something else I´m not seeing?

    Not really mad for the defeat; however i do admit wanting to see a decent performance. I said a while back that i will start expecting more things from the team when they show me otherwise and still firm about it.
    The defeat doesnt bother many fans (my self included), but many other fans doesnt share that opiniong. Not joking almost the entirety of Dortmund fans from Latin American and Spain dont really want to see Tuchel next season. Wether they are right or wrong doesnt matter ,but they do share with a lot of those that defend Tuchel that being in 4th place so far into the season is a complete embarassement of the club cappabilities even with the squad overhaul. And I never saw the fan base so divided about a certain topic.

    Honest question do you think we have a chance to beat Bayern at the Pokal? or even bring the Pokal to Dortmund? Or even pherhaps can you imagine this team winning something again before 2020?

    One of the main reason I push so much the need to win tittles, is because it is neccessary for the club develpment as much as the promise of Champions League football to players, promise of playing time to young talents, etc.
    If we cant throw money at problems like the big teams we should at least show sporting ambition. This is XXI football players no longer have the motivation to help a team become better or to show why they deserve to be in the team that acquired their services, Instead its is now the club that must show the player why they deserve to have him.
    A team that doesnt do that last part will struggle to retain its players.

    Thats why Im not really salty about any important players that ended up leaving the club, as they are winning more money or finally some tittles. Lets be frank they havent missing out on anything, ¿Are they missing being 4th in the Bundesliga , losing the super cup against Bayern, losing for 4-1 against Bayern, earn less at a club that havent achieve anything on pasts season, being in a relegation battle during most of 2014-2015 season, finished second behind bayern on many instance, crashing out in the Europa League when were squad wise by FAR the best team in the competion ? Cant blame them for leaving really

    Thoughts on everything?

  • Carlos Guerra posted 17 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    The victory over Hamburg its very welcome, we may be finally leaving hamburg being our boogey team behind. As you mentioned performance wise we werent ourselves, against schalke even with the draw we played better compared to Hamburg. But Im still for the 3 points.

    Kagawa said in the winterbreak that he wil be fighting for the spot(future) and he so far he has succeded. Its its true that on a few games he didnt impact the matches, but at the same time he had suffered due to our midfield being a mess half of the season. Really happy he is performing great again, we all want him to stay.

    Heard weigl and Kagawa couldn make the trip to Munich, such a shame