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  • Carlos A Guerra O posted 1 day ago

    Carlos A Guerra O

    Our performance was amazing its been a while since we get a dominiting display from the team, really happy for it. Granted with better finishin it could haven 6-0 insted of 3-0 but Im really happy for the performance.

    About Gotze i really hope we dont sell him things maynot be going the way everything expected him but he deserves another season. After we have given many players in the squad the same benefiet mainly sahin & kagawa although thats for another day. He isnt been bad as people are saying , he isnt really slow as people are saying in fact statistic has showed his average speed is 32.7 km/h slight slower that his avergage speed in 2012-2013 in what was his best season to date. Also Tuchel during the season has been instructing him in a role deeper than what he is accustomed to offset our lack of a #8 , but in a system like that he and our rest of our midfield will struggle in one way or another. Also selling him right away during summer would make us look like idiots.
    Going to liverpool also doesnt seems like an answer as he will be competing with Lallana, Coutinho, & Wijnaldum; not to mention that klopp plays with an intensity that Gotze doesnt have atm. Being a journeyman this team would be very risky

    However at the same time the club paid 26 million for him, while we didnt expect a 2012-2013 performance from him right off the bat this season, franky he has struggled with:
    - the team lack of a proper #8,
    -consistency issues regarding the whole team,
    -Tuchel changing the lineup the most of the time during th first half of the season
    -Team not taking the chances he creates
    -And couple of pesky musculare problems, while not really damagin isnt help him find his rythm with so far him missing 11 matches across the season

    While not being useless, only being involved in the scoring & assits of 4 goals( 2 assits, 2goals) its still really low for what we expected after playing 26 million. As I mentioned before he is quick, but oh boy his agility- quickness in close spaces couple with his ability to evade pressure has surely taken a huge blow. Right now he is like a CM with good pass that struggles to turn on his axis and glide around pressure from other players thus handicaping his overral movility and ability to get himself into goalscoring positions despite conserving his speed.

    Right know the international fan base of the club is divided about it; with half saying things that he either improves on this half or he should be let go, while the other side says he deserves another season although they too agree he needs to improve

    Personally I want him to stay and give him another try, but i too agree that he should be doing slightly better. I dont know pherhaps im wrong i had only been following him since 2012-2013.

    In you answer could you also say whats the opinion of him over there in dortmund? Please I would really like to know

  • Carlos A Guerra O posted 5 days ago

    Carlos A Guerra O

    I saying it again we dont have have the players to play 3-5-2. Nor the centrebacks except from Sokratis, also currently our fulls backs arent really that good for that.

    Poor game from Aubameyang, like you said his worst match in a BvB shirt. This confirm that I wouldnt be too shatered if he leaves, of couse as long as we receive above 70 million from his transfers couple with the club getting a REAL replacement from him

    He is good striker, but not world-class much less a match winner player.
    The game reminded of our conversations about forwards and put me to to think what define a defines a match winning striker is about a many aspects a forward need to have although not all of them; gonna mention some of them
    Gonna use some example, not

    1- Having an eye for goals & scoring them consistently not matter the angles, nor form

    2-Being able to lead your team, and being able to define the matches by yourself if the ocassion arises

    3- Being able to score goals that no one else could

    4- Being a team a team player and an importan asset to your team play

    5- Being simpe but effective

    6- That your mere presence in the pitch helps or improves your team equal as much as your indivudal actions

  • Carlos A Guerra O posted 9 days ago

    Carlos A Guerra O

    I will leave the rant for the end of the season , just going to add this:

    -When i saw today`s lineup i was shaking my head, the result doesnt surprises me as much as the performance.
    -This team doesnt have the roster nor the players to play 3-5-2, its just stupid. This team should be playing 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 like the old times

    Im more worried about rest of the season at this stage i will we should prioritezl getting into the champions league for next season is our top priority, ( pokal second priority) losing out champions league another season would be a HUGE blow we need the money. Not participating into champions league next season would delay our revenue by a 1 year. Not participating into last champions league would delay our revenue growth by a year ( watzke said in 2013-2014 that by 2016-2017 our revenue would reach the 300 million mark but then 2014-2015 happened), if we dont participate into 2017-2018 champions league our revenue growth would be delayed 1 more year, in total the clubs economic growth would have been delayed by 2 YEARS!!

    I feel that Tuchel will not survive this,and some people think nor should he( pherhaps they are right), its just not working,last time i saw this level of apathy in performance & palyers body language was during Klopps last season

  • Carlos A Guerra O posted 10 days ago

    Carlos A Guerra O

    his first touch for player of his goalscoring ratio, forget to wrote it right

    my bad

  • Carlos A Guerra O posted 10 days ago

    Carlos A Guerra O

    You are not wrong really, ever since aubameyang became our main striker, he grew up in importance in the team becoming one of our main pillars. However he wasnt never our main play, not even last season when he became mainstream ( yes mainstream). He is our goalscorer, but as you said he doesnt have much impact on anything else.

    Last season our main player was gundogan followed by mikhi, and they were game changers like that match against hoffenheim where gundogan entered at the half- time our attack returned back to life or that match against stutgat on the second half of the hidrunde were mhiki stretched countless of time stuttgart defens & scored a solo goal to seal.
    Dont get me wrong he is a very good player, but he is not someone that can change the game on a whim. The one that was like that for us was Lewandowski not Auba

    Also he is overrated in some aspect, his first for a player of his goalscoring ratio is very subpar, he isnt an offensively presence in the air, and his finishing isnt world- class.

    Im not saying he is bad, he is very good in fact his greates strenghs lies on other aspects of his games, and he is a good finisher. Im just saying that he isnt the world-class- candidate for the Ballon d Or the media , real madrid and the rest of the football world are saying.

    About him leaving im kinda 50/50 one side is what i mentioned above, however on the other side despite all the things i mentioned he still is a striker that can score more than 21 goals per season ( so far he has 21 goal in 25 appearences taken into account all competitions). So while i wouldnt be shattered in an hypothetical of departure him, I also would wary of the ramifications it could have if he isnt not replaced properly.
    If aubameyang leaves we need to get at minimum 65 million euros from his tranfer,as we would need to spend money find and appropiate replacement,
    Because we cant risk spent half of the next season trying to figure out on the practice how to replace him. We tried that after Lewandowski derpature by using Ramos & Ciro and it failed miserably, and it only stopped from being a catastrohe because aubameyang was already there; but only this time we dont have something like that.

    Thoughts on everything?

  • Carlos A Guerra O posted 12 days ago

    Carlos A Guerra O

    Continuation from the last post( i press post comment before it was finished)

    -Michael Owen at Liverpool
    -Valencia with Jon Careew, Pablo Aimar & Sanchez, they even reached 2 champions league finals with them too bad they didnt win ( Careew and sanches werent that good but were decent at least
    - Hernan Crespo and Roberto Mancini in the Lazio squad that won the Serie and Coppa italia in 2000
    -Francesco Totti, Vincenzo Montella and Gabriel Batistuta in the Roma that won the Seria A in 2001, later from 2001- 2006 it was Totti alongside Montella
    -Sevilla with Frederic Kanoute & Adriano
    -Villa Real with Diego Forlan and Riquelme
    -Espanyol of Barcelona with Raul Tamudo
    -Tottenham with Roy Keane
    -Fiorentina with Batistuta & Rui Costa ( 1997- 2001)
    -Celta Vigo with Valeri Carpin, Aleksandr Mostovoi
    -Antonio Di Natale Udinese
    -Luca Toni at Palermo, and Fiorentina ( granted there were better strikers than him out there but he was still pretty good)
    -Inter Milan with Christian Vieri, and Alvaro Recoba as his back up. Recoba despite being his back up he was a striker that as a starter on any other team h would have averaged more than 23 goals per season , he could even take free kicks and he was the back up striker,unreal
    -Robbie Keane at Tottenham Hotspurs
    -Jimmy Floid Hasslbank at Chelsea before they became a football super power
    - Werder Bremen with Ailton ( 1999-2003)
    -Claudi Pizarro at Werder & Bayern Munich at the peak of his career (1999 -2001 at Bremen, then 2001- 2007 at Bayern)
    - Kevin Kuranyi at stuggart and then Schalke; 2001 -2004 stutgart( when they were kinda good), then 2004- 2010 at Schalke (his best years
    -Adriano at Inter as Christian Vieri replacement, he had everything to become the next big thing. He had Pace, strenght, hold-up play. heading. shot-power, long shots,except dribbling wich wasnt really his forte but he had everything else. He was the perfect striker, too bad his fall from grace was quickly as his rise, but on those 2 seasons he was at his best he was god-like.
    -Miroslav Klose at Bremen and Bayern. By bayern I mean mainly his first 2 years. I know he reitired not so long ago and that he scored like almost 70 goals Lazio but his days at Bremen and first 2 years at Bayern were his peak.
    -Ebbe Sand at Schalke
    -Huntelaar and Wesley Sneijder as his attacking midfielder at Ajax 2005-2007
    -Ebe Sand at Schalke mainly during his first 3 years, decent striker could have scored more but schalke back then had his issues too( not much has change from then till today , lol)
    -Rodrigo Pauleta at Psg
    -Olympic Lyon with Sydney Govuou , Silvain Wiltord(after he got fed up of being back at arsenal) with Juninho Pernambucano creating goalscoring chances for them
    -Atletico Madrid with Fernando Torres on his beginnings

    I think thats all i can remember lol

  • Carlos A Guerra O posted 12 days ago

    Carlos A Guerra O

    It was a sweet victory, finishing was kinda off that day for everythin else was good.
    Toprak is coming hope he comes good for us he hasnt done reall well this year at leverkusen. Sure the entire team hasnt been up to the standars, but he doesnt save himself exactly from the critics either especially after some uniterested displays after been not able to leave the club last summer

    In another note, our conversation about striker & possible aubameyang replacements reminded me about european football back in 1997-2006. It was normal for its time so i didnt noticed, but good strikers are really scarce nowday, not to mention world class strikers compared to back then. Hell there were even a couple of attacking midfielders so talented that could play as second-strikers

    Strikers were so abundant that a LOT of teams played with a 4-4-2 formation, and other teams that had so confidence on their strikers that they played with only 1 in a 4-3-3. Even teams that werent that good enough had a good striker/s

    I think i can name them all:

    -Trezeguet & Del Piero, with nedved as attacking midfielder at Juve,
    -Del Piero, Inzhagi and Zidane at Juve (1997-2001)
    - Diego Tristan & Roy Makaay at Deportivo de la Coruña( that team back then was so fucking good),
    -Ruud Vann Nistelrooy & Ole Gunnar Solskjaer,
    - Dwight York & Andy Cole with Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar as Backups in the Manchester United that won the treble by beating Bayern in the 1999 champions league final
    -Thierry Henry & Dennis Bergkamp with Silvain Wiltord as a back up at Arsenal, Drogba at Chelsea ,
    - Real Madrid with Raul & Morientes ( pre Ronaldo Signing) , Real madrid with Rau & Ronaldo (afterward)
    -Barcelona with Eto-Ronaldinho- Ludovic Giully,
    -Alan Shearer at Newcastle ( it was insane how he at 32- 34 years old he was still scoring as if was nothing during the premier league seasons of 2001-2004),
    -Nihaad Kavecci & Darko Kovacevic at the real sociedad of 2000-2004 when they were a champions league quaility team
    - BvB in 1997 with Stephane Chapiusat, Karl- Heinz Riddle & Andreas Moller
    - A.C Milan with Filipho Inzaghi & Sevchenko
    -PSV Eidenhoven with Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink & playing alongside him as a winger was Jefferson Farfan. They reached a semifinal and played against milan in perhaps one the best seminfinals of the last 16 years
    -Ibrahimovic at Ajax with Rafael Van der Vaart, back then when Ajax was a team able to reach quarter finals in champions league
    -BvB with Jean Koller and Marcio Amoroso, didnt followed dortmund back then but i do remember about them with Koller being the target man and marcio the fast and tricky striker they complemented each other so well

  • Carlos A Guerra O posted 17 days ago

    Carlos A Guerra O

    Its going to be a long, long answer( mainly from the aubameyan topics & possible replacements), lol

    Match against Mainz:

    Pretty much I agree with everything you said. Castro had been a blackhole in the midfield whenever he plays ever since the beginning of November. He needs to be benched ( even if there is noone else)

    I think Pizceck age is finally starting to weight upon him, the pizceck of old would have never let mediocre players wrecked him on the wing as they are doing now. We should really think about the future and give more chances to Passlack as you mentioned

    Could mention more with an assesment of the club more but I will talk about by the end of the season.

    Subotic Loan deal to Koln:

    I´m really happy for him that he is going to get some minutes, and hopefully finally leave his injury woes behind. However I wouldnt be too optimistic about his chances for a career revival at BvB. This loan deal is for him to get up to form in order for that move to the premier league takes place, not really to return at BvB Tuchel has already make clear he doesnt includes subotic on his plans.
    What a shame what happended to his career lately, the only clubs that so far showed had been Koln, and Bournemouth. Dont have anything against them but Subotic at his peak was linked to Barcelona, United,Chelsea, not clubs of that stature.
    Those injuries seriuosly derailed his career.

    Aubameyang antics:
    Zorc really put aubameyang on his place. More proffesionlism Aubameyang needs to put from his part ,not even Lewandowski was like this during his "saga", just saying.
    Back in the to mid 2000s I remember players saving those mainly to themselves and his agents( most of the time ) not bang on about it on the media at everyopportunity just saying.

    Replacement if he leaves:
    I follow the & the Spanish league very closelY. Iñaki Williams is a very good talent, but as you are saying we should show more ambition than that. Plus he is a winger not a striker, not to mention Bilbao is demanding 50 million for him.
    The issue isnt really paying 50 million for him, the issue is that his signing will mean paying 50 million for a player in possition (Winger) we are currently well covered, while leaving the gap left by an hipotteticaly aubameyang departure unattended.

    Iñaki is a great talent and would be a great signing for any club, but we dont need him at the moment nor he is a striker in order to replace aubameyang in case he leaves

    About signing a replacement, there is no doubt that its going to be hard. Quality Centre-Forwards are scarce not to mention those the club have a chance of signing and with the players being willing to come.
    But if aubameyang leaves I would like to see Antony Martial, Lacazette or Timo Werner.

    Martial would be very good, although he is being playing as a LW he can play as striker thus finish his transition into a true striker, plus tuchel can mold him to perform the duties we need from a striker into our system. And he had been lacking playing time this season, and that may increase next season with widely expected Griezman arrival at united couple with mourinho prefering experienced players over the ones that need developin.
    However that said the transfer would be very difficult, because it depends on factors beyong our control with needing that he keep lacking gamet time unti the end of the season, griezman signing, mourinho view of martial on his plans, and hypotetically speaking handing a transfer request and willingless to come,etc. And even if all of that happens United could still place a obscene tag over his head, lets say 70 million just to block it (for example)

    Lacazette would a very good signing,and its really possible to bring him to dortmund.
    His last season despite his descent goalscoring record he struggled badly on many periods, and that made the interest from a lot of clubs to cool off.
    However Juventus is reported being interested in him, and Jean Michel Aulas is know for being an extremely hard negotiator. The latter is a huge issue as Zorc hasnt negotiated with someone of that type, the only of that type he negotiated was Mino Raiola and we all now how that ended.

    An there is the Bundesliga Option, Timo Werner a young striker with lots of potential for growth. He is german, he knows the bundesliga, he is capable of performing right away it would be perfect. However he is barely on route to finish his first season at Leipzig, Leipzig are doing a better bundesliga campaing than us, and will also play championes league next season

    Any one of those three would be a very good adition for the squad, but their signings will be very complicated. Ironically the easiest option is aubameyang staying one more season and even that is still complicated, LMAO

    Is there anyone thing else you would like to add to any of the topics?

  • Carlos A Guerra O posted 26 days ago

    Carlos A Guerra O

    Really good news Pulisic extension, also on a positive plus the Pulisic rumours about liverpool will finally stop. Didnt mind them , except those from There rumours about us have been annoyong all the way since 2012.

    Also, dont you find it funny how the whole majority of the clubs supporters, and fans from others teams out of nowhere know everything there is to know everything about Isak, why the reality the majority of the people didnt even know he existed in first place , and wouldnt know about him if its wasnt because the transfer. I will admit i didnt knew anything about Isak, and I still dont know much about him except from certain bits of info however i see him as proof the club policy in action nothing else nothing more
    Dont get me wrong I´m not saying thats bad or something like that, but you got to admit how ridiculously funny is how everyone losses their shit for a player they didnt know anything about 24 hours ago to come out their caves to jump into the bandwagon.

  • Carlos A Guerra O posted 28 days ago

    Carlos A Guerra O

    forgot to put " all" next to "after"