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  • Carlos Guerra posted 3 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    Could expand on it more, but people are already doing it right now

  • Carlos Guerra posted 3 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    Bosz is so gonna get rip to shreds by the media, and supporters.

    Its was just dissapointing as someone in soFIFA put it the attacking play was just instruct more people to advance in forward areas and defense...well you know

  • Carlos Guerra posted 5 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    About Reus thing, he is 28 not surprising he is considering his options. Also he already managed to win his first major league tittle with his boyhood team.
    However he is 28 & injury so I hope he doesnt think any club will be eager to give him a 5 year so easily if not he is sorely mistaken

  • Carlos Guerra posted 6 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    Sorry for the very late response, I had been having issues with the computer for the month. Long post inbound but will do my best to keep short as much as possible

    -Champions League Season 2017-2018

    Needless to say we are in a tough spot. The spurs defeat could have been so easily avoided. Of course there is the referee thing although we should´ve done better.

    On the defeat against Madrid showed that Bosz can´t play with a defense on the highline so regularly specially against opposition of that type. Granted Sergio Ramos should have been sent off on that play however the rest was totally on us.
    Castro- Sahin didnt showed enough mobility to move & evade pressure from a midfield like that. We didnt saw a change on impetus until Dahoud entered.
    Gotze was decent.

    - The seasonl injury bugs hit us again.
    At least Guerreiro, Schmelzer should be back soon.Unfortunately Pizceck he is returning around December 17

    Schurrle and Rode injured again

    Durm injured indefinately. He is definately leaving next summer

    Great so far, until this pont with the demolitions of Koln and Gladbach being the mainhighlights. And the win against Ausgburg being kinda unconvincing, plus the draw agains freiburg being a total bore.

    Todays defeat againts Leipzig was a remainder of the matches against Madrid & Spurs, and the bs red card that came just hurt us even more. Even then we were still close to get a draw. Needless to say Bosz must learn from this defeat as he had been exposed.
    Otherwise we couldnt maintain top spot or turn our fortunes around in Europe

    - Bayern Munich
    Really happy to see them lose with that defeat at Par des Princes being so sweat.
    However currently nervous right now as they brought back Heynckes. Even if its just for the rest of the season they were unstable underneath when after having spent a year together.
    Hell they already won 5-0 against Freiburg in what it could be their best performance so far of this season.

    -About your question about the comprise
    Its really great to see us on top, and Bayern slipping. The is that Champions League is still equally as important.
    We can still regroup and finish second in the group. Continuing to qualify into the knock- out phases year after year is too damm important for us. The must regroup and go for it

    You know my feelings about the Europa League already. Dont want to go back there

  • Carlos Guerra posted 37 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    well that game against freiburg didnt went as expected
    Now Schmelzer and Bartra are injured shame

  • Carlos Guerra posted 54 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    Great game against Hertha, I know its only the second game but not seeing us concede any goal is great, looking forward to see more of that. Sahins goal was exquisite too.
    Phillip looks more involved here than on his last match. Zagadou did very well as a LB.
    Gotze still needs more time , but he looks well physically just need to keep having playing time.

    About Dembele I got to say I feel a little hurt. Not because he left but because with him it was everything before playing with us. I know that 140 was too good to turn down, or the the case of him remaining could have brought internal issues within the squad. but damm .

  • Carlos Guerra posted 68 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    Long post

    Supercup against Bayern
    Really a shame for the defeat , but i really liked what I saw from a perfomance level. We shoudnt have conceded that goal though especially so close to the end. That was such a downer

    Fine perfomance on itself, but definately not as the one against Bayern. I mean we could have conceeded at least 1 goal if it wasnt for the low quality of the opposition. Needs to improve, Phillip and Dahoud were solid I think. Sahin was just "fine" (dont know why some say he gave a masterful performance). Dont know if Beste is ready yet to debut in the bundes, but I liked him when tried to go forward. Castro was Castro.

    Schurrle didnt and doesnt inspires any confidence at all in case Dembele leaves. If anything it urged me to want more money from Barca. 90 mins of just dissapointment, my god not even mhiki was this bad when he completely lost his confidence at least he was a able to run and press the opposition unlike this "winger"

    Never really wanted this to degenerate into a shitshow. I mean he could have pushed for the move I dont know how about at the end of June or the entirety of July?! Why did he even signed the 5 years deal if he thought it was too long??? Football is the only line of work were the said workforce can totally throw a tantrum, lock themselves in their room if things dont go their way. If I do that in my career I get fired and immediately replaced. By the way Dembele dont blame the club for watching his own back as your watching yours.

    Watzke & Co.
    Gotta give credit the way they are trying to demand as much money as possible from other clubs( it started last summer but it continued with this one) hope it continues from now on. Hell we were the only suckers that werent demanding the highest possible sums for one their players.
    I still cringed to this day with the fees we exacted from the Sahin and Kagawa transfers. Just think about we did business with Real Madrid and United and they only managed to get 10 million and 16 million... slow clap slow clap
    I know Sahin 10 million was a release but it still was way too low, even a team like Koln could have activated it and the club would have been unable to do anything

    Aubameyang being at it again
    No comments... except that I miss the times where players didnt care about social media. Things weres just so much simpler

    In another topic check this out
    This a promo video for an upcoming game called Wolfenstein 2. Its a parody of the 60s superheroes show but in an alternative universe. Its just hilarious

  • Carlos Guerra posted 87 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    Good thing Auba is staying, as replacing would have been soooo difficult with the best possibles replacements like Lacazette or Morata already going to other teams, and even seeing how many of the best affordable young players went to other teams like Sandro to Everton or Schick to Juventus ( well it didnt materialized for a cardiadiac issue they found but still)

    A little worried about his perfomance, we know he loves the club. However at the same times this is the guy that banged on about how he should leave the club for half a season & spent the entire summer goingo from club to club in order to leave. Lets hope he is proffesional enough to put all that behind in order to score more than 30 goals for this club again this season.

    Also with Aubameyang staying put, this mean also that Giroud isnt coming. THANK GOD
    Giroud ia very mediocre centre forward, he is slow, he is first touch is clumsy, he hold up play isnt that good, his finishing is mediocre, he cant dribble, for a centre forward so tall he barely ever wins headerss either offensively or defensively, despite a walking tank he barely dominate others with his physique.

    Lets not forget the economic aspect too where arsenal wanted 40 million for his sale where he as a striker isnt even worth 17 million. Also his among the best paid at Arsenal and he surely would want to continue that at BvB just imagine the situation where a guy with less talent than 60 percent squad gains more money than them and that is in 2nd step down above what Reus, Gotze earns. Believe me that shit matters too in dressing room.

    Sure he has scored 98 goals thats not a bad number right?, not really he has scored 98 goals in 229 appearences. Dont look too good now but it doesnt look bad either right?

    Giroud Complete performance date

    Season 2016-2017

    Season 2015-2016

    Season 2014-2015

    Season 2013-2014


    Count the number of goals he scored between his doubles and his pair of hattricks, and once you get that number substract from the 98 ( the total of what his has scored for arsenal in his career) and you will see how much he really fails & he is nowhere near being material for a top-club

    The 98 goals has less to do with his ability than what it has to do with Arsenal, he may a be an average but for the amount of service he receives on daily basis he will undoublty manage to score some goals

    Also the a current way to see a good striker is to compare his goal distribution across matches here is a comparison between Giroud and Aubameyang

    Aubameyang season 2016- 2017

    Sure it aubameyang had his games where he scored more than 1 goal but still doesnt takes away from his goals destribution even with his issues of missing clear chances on occasions

    Giroud 2016-2017

    While giroud in the other hand.... well the statistics says it better. Even with the 2 doubles still doesnt hide is distribution across matches or his tendency to go into scoreless streaks

  • Carlos Guerra posted 101 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    So glad Ginter was sold, I know the kid tries its best but for some reason we werent able to develop& help him grow as a player. Sadly so say but those last 3 seasons were a waste for both parties. I wished him the best at Gladbach

    Guerreiro is injured 3-4 ( returning in September), to that add the injuries to Reus ( returning in 2018), Weigl ( returning in October).
    Please God no more lessions

  • Carlos Guerra posted 112 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    I think the fixture list is pretty good, but at the same time I have to admit that I dont put too much thought into fixtures as fixtures list can vary in intensity depending on how much a team advances on competitions. Not saying thats a bad thing because good teams must show that they can handle any changing situation that present on their way.

    About Dawid Im pretty meh about it. You know that I support & believe through and through in the club on this kinda of signings but I cant really say im excited or even very content about it.
    And given how this is related to Aubameyang, I got to say Im pretty 50/50 about Aubameyang leaving.
    For one side we will gain 80 millions, and pherhaps finished reinforcing the squad as this club sometimes has a bad habit of going into each season not finishing reinforcing the squad.
    But on the other side theres the issue of not replacing him properly, staying 1 season more only to then leave the next summer and if Dembele leaves next summer the club suffering the departure of two huge pillars in the team in a single market, theres also the issue that if he stays theres the possibility of him not performing well ( believe me players can be really douchebags when things dont go their way)

    At this stage, I would be nice to know a decision regardless which one turns to be.
    ¿Thoughts about everything?

    P.S: We mainly talk about football. So i thought about spicing things up a little bit.
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    I send you here some of my favorite tunes coming from video games, this tunes will be from the same videogame however its is really well done proving that videogames at the same time among many other things videogames can be a form of art too

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