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  • Carlos Guerra posted 7 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    Well now that considerable time has passed , there a lot of topics and off-topics to talk about

    1- About your comment on Aubameyang, I agree really surprising how the deal fell off. I heard that their new sporting director considered him too expensive. Really ironic see the club that coment came. About China I think thats bs, and in the premier league Liverpool had been the most linked with while City not so long ago called that rumours nonsense.
    Dont really see him going to Liverpool unless they make him among the top 5 earners in the league.
    However its fair to point out that he needs to confirm whether we can count on him next season or not, because if not this waiting game will make us harder to get a replacement the longer it goes. He needs to decide NOW, no more bs please.

    2- Dembele has always been vocal about his Barcelona "dream", at least he has been honest and the club SHOULD knows what to expect unlike most of our last main departures, (looking at you Watzke). I can see him at the club for 3 more seasons. and if in that course he help us win the Bundesliga back I assure all of the supporter will consider his exist ticket earned.

    3- Zorc please buy a RB, please just do it. Pizceck is aeging quickly and Durm has completely stagnated. Buy a RB dont wait till Pizceck is 34 and Durm stagnates even more than he is right now.

    4-Really excited as we can finally breach our 300 million revenue mark soon.

    5- I really wanted to see Wolfsburg get relegated. Not really because our defeat against them in that final but because I remember back then a lot of people, trolls and even a few football personalities like Joachim Low were sure that Wolfsburg will displace BvB as the 2nd Bundesliga powerhouse. I even remember how everyone praised them for the Draxler signing despite that the fact that there transfer market that season was poor. Lets not forget the huge douchebag Klauss Aloff was with him mocking the rest of the bundesliga for not failling to trouble Bayern only to then 6 months later make a u turn around with the tails between his legs while searching excuse for team and HIS failures.
    IHell Im not gonna get started how Watzke went full beta male and spent the whole summer talking about how Wolfsburg were so much better than us.

    I dont hate the institution itself, but the whole media shithole and everyone putting us down got old really quick. So yeah Im dissapointed they didnt get relegated, because they really believed that were going to be unstopable just because one good season.

    6- Bayern bought Tolisso, and two of the main pillars of Hoffenheim with the signing of Sule and Rudy. It seems they really believe that this season of theirs was huge dissapointmen. Dont get me wrong I know that they were targeting the treble, and how they might have won the double if it wasnt for that criminal decisions against them during their match against Real Madrid but feeling that only 1 titlte in a season is unnaceptable has left me without words. Damm i remember a few years back that top clubs didnt considered that only winning 1 trophy in a season is a dissapointment.
    Guess that was make them dangerous

    7- I wouldnt be surprised at all if Koln, Hoffenheim, Hertha and even Leipzig struggle to match their last season performance next season. Dont wished them anything bad but the bundesligas has a story of teams being one-two seasons wonder.

    8-I have read a lot about Schalke- Dortmund history , and history from the revierderby from a source I had. Now I really understand well the history behind the rivality, I thought it was just because of the derby & having 2 teams for the same area ( forgive my ignorance). So while i dont wished bad things for them and I also dont wished them good will. Why? Because I am a firm beliver that stupidty and incompetence is unacceptable and that instittution has a lot of it .
    So for all i care they can spend all their future season in 10th place.

    9-Reus surgery went well, but he is out for half of the future season....
    I really hope Phillip can hit the ground running at BvB right from the bat, we will need it.

    10-I really think we should target the tittle the coming season,and defend the DFB-Pokal tittle, of course. But if the worst case scenario occurs we need to target second place period, I dont want another season where we have to wait to April to seal Champions League Qualification

    11-Sell the team wasters. Ginter, Rode, Durm,and Park out as its for their good but mostly our good( yes im being bad but still)

    12- Really happy for gainning 12 million from Ramos departure, I thought we wouldnt have benn able to recover those 10 million we paid for him. While I had been a huge critic of him Its fair to say that he was always a family man and that he always gave his all in the pitch. But even with all his effort it wasnt enough as he wasnt simply good enough, he had leadt foot with one of the worst first touches in proffesional football with 8 out 10 attacking plays litterally dying once he received the ball in an advance attacking position. And his heading ability offensively/defensively was highly overrated.
    While he may had a purpose once at BvB is stay at the club of 2 and a half seasons was too way too long with 2 season being generous for how little brought to the table

    13-Really hope Bosz teaches this players how to defend ,and bring something that will gives stability in defense. Also lets hope Toprak show us how much he wanted to join BvB by playing well because those performance from his last season were shambolic to say the least.

  • Carlos Guerra posted 20 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    Really looking forward to see Bosz in action, and really hopes he teaches this team how to defend.
    About Phillip now that his price is confirmed to be 14 million, got to say that it could be a very valuable adition to the team for that price as 20 million would have been too much

    About my opinion about Ronaldo

    I admit Im not really a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, but he has earned his place among the best and most influential player of all times. He has the talent, the statistics, and last but not less important trophies.

    He is a very complete attacking player an almost all areas, although its fair to note that he has a bad habit tendency ever since his first day at Madrid of not having the impact people expect of him on many occasions.
    Dont get me wrong he does influenced matches outcome and has done it on many,many,many occasions, but on many,many others too has was just "there".

    In terms of proffesionalism he is a model proffesional, especialy in terms of taking care and maintaining his fitness his fitness regime even for the standards of footballers his insane.
    In terms of personality he may be arrogant and cocky on his interviews, but i dont see a problem with it as who isnt kinda arrogant even on a little basis. In fact he has the facts to back up his ego & cockiness unlike many others.

    As I said earlier Im not really his fan, nor do I support him, there are somethings I dont like about him as a player because I like more the last generation of players.
    But I give credit where its due and C.Ronaldo has make his place in football history and while I really dont think he is above a lot many of football legends he has gained his place among them.

  • Carlos Guerra posted 23 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    Well I got so say, that those last days after the DFB- final had been really livelyto say the least given all the of news, rumours, Aubameyang departure, Tuchel sacking( yes it wassacking), possible new managers, sections of the supporters base arguing about, Watzke open letter, etc.

    Given there is so much to talk I will keep it brief and try to not use long paragraphs to cover as much possible

    -Pokal Final: This will sound cliche but after the final whistle I still was struggling to process our victory. It was so sweet seeing us lift the trophy after so many times we failed in a position where all that remained was one final push. I cried of joy it was such a wonderfull magic, especially that moment when Reus kissed the trophy. Also,thank god Tuchel reacted at half time and shuffled the team

    Reus said that it was one of our worst perfomances of the season, and I disagree actually. As you said yourself it was a mixed perfomance, but it was far from being an awful perfomance as Reus said if that was the case then we woulndt have won.

    -Tuchel Sacking: Given that all that happended and how it degrade into a shit of "he said this but he said this", Im just gonna say this: If everything was true regarding and that a continuation of his tenure at Dortmund would result in huge problems down the road then it wil have been the right choice.

    I dont really like Watzke, and I may not agree with some of the clud decisions. However I would think that Watzke & the club wouldnt endanger the team out of a whim or something petty, minor or whatever. I just hope that they make the right choice.

    - Tuchel Departure: Regardless everthing that have happened, I will be gratefull for everything he did in his short tenure. However its fair to point out that despite all the good things he did ,he never really convinced 100% with his shenannigans ranging from baffling line-ups, given players way too much support when they were performing poorly, some sections of supporters dont liking him because he wasnt as expressive to the masses as Klopp,the bottling up of big games during season 2015-2016,really bad substituions, bizarre tactics on some occasions to playing players out of position. Dont get me started on his issues with personell at the club

    I would have pointed above that some his signings for the most part didnt exactly panned out well, but the same can be said about some of the signings that Zorc & co. supported, so will leave this topic specially apart.

    Despite all of this,regardless everthing that have happened, I will be gratefull for the possitives things he accomplished in his short tenure.

    -Signing Dan-Axel Zagadou: Didnd know he existed to begin with lol, watched a couple of vids about him the man definately has potential on him. While I dont really get excited when we buy a virtually young unknown talent as other people but I always trust the club on this aspect. Hope he does well .

    -Rumours about Maximillian Phillip: While it would be a welcome signing it feels unnecessary because we had priorities in other positions, the money itself isnt the problem( 20 million). The only way I wouldnt call the signing unnecesary would be if Schurle if its mean that Schurlle is leaving. But if the idea is to make a mumbo jumbo of Reus, Schurle, Isak and him all of them distributing themselves the goalscoring duty then forget it.
    We tried that an entered the 2014-2015 season with the idea that Ciro, Ramos, Reus, Aubameyang would produce the necessary goals between themselves, asisted with the ocassional goals of Kagawa and Mihkitaryan. And guess what it FAILED!!

    -Rumours about Bosz: Heard he did decently at Ajax, but some fans arent really convinced ( with many of them being ajax fans that support BvB too)while others are convinced about him being our manager. Guess we will have to wait see him in action if he arrives.

    Aubameyang Departure: 70 million... Not a bad sum, but its PSG we are dealing we could have squeezed at worst a little more from them. Please Zorc & co. grow a pair get a real replacement,or at worst case scenario a Dolberg for example. But do not pull a Ramos signing and buy a mediocre player like Kruse

    Watzke oppen letter: Not gonna dept plunge deept into it, but it was a nice gesture from his part.

    Pollsman answers at the I agree with his points except the wage issue ,and part of what he defines expectations for next season.
    If Lacazatte wage demands are above 11 million then I agree with what he is saying about wage structure and "teams happiness",but if his wage demands are in between 7-9 million( at worst 10 million) we can effectively cover it.

    Also regarding expectations next season I would really like to fight for the tittle or at worst take back 2nd place from. If not I will accept(begrudginly) taking 2nd place from Leipzig, but I dont agree at all with his views about the Pokal. Anything that involves losing against others team that arent Bayern Munich would be a massive FAILURE, even in our worst season in recent years we reached beat Bayern in the Pokal and reached the final ( sure we lsot but you know what I am trying to say), so dont act as if apart from Bayern the rest of the teams are mighty opposition

    Really like Pollsman but he can be really biased sometimes.

    Guess that would be all, ¿anything you might want to add?

    P.S: When I mentionded a "virtual unknow talent" I mean a guy like this a players that became know to most of the people due to reports linking himr to the club, not Dembele type of talents, which players where kinda known and being a little mainstream by the time we signed them. Also please, tell me too what do you think about the links I sent you really like to hear your opinion

  • Carlos Guerra posted 31 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    Well as someone said in so fifa it seems aubmeyang gave his best impression of Gotze.
    Wether it was from his side or the club announcing it as it is a public registered enitity. Either way it wasnt the best to announcing before what its pherhaps our biggest game of the season , but well it no longer matters anymore.

    Saw one of the linked players to BvB was Max Kruse. Dont really want him here, unlike what many are thinking scoring 14 goals for Werder Bremen this season doesnt make him good enough for Dortmund. He is 29 and just recently had his best season to date on his career with the scoring of 14 goal, thats not the mark of good forward thats the mark of an AVERAGE forward. If the club is considered him, then clearly they didnt learned anything from Adrian Ramos. I rather sign a youth exciting talent ahead of him at least with the talent we recoup the spent money regarless he succeds or not but with Kruse we wouldnt gain anything down the road.

    Dont know if you wishto add something else?

    In another note
    Here I got some interesting links that gives a little hindsight on the mind of the modern footballer. Way different than the ones from the last generation( in certain aspects).
    Not saying that they are wrong or doing anything bad currently or that even what they value is wrong, but I think its important to know whats clubs deal with.

    The interiew with Barnes, he talks about the premier league but many of it can also be applied elsewhere, while the one about the "comodity" is an old post from 2012 but its principle still applies today. (Really would like to hear your opinion)

  • Carlos Guerra posted 43 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    The match was boring, mainly in the second half. We were far from our best but we could have still pull it off, a shame really. Thank god werder Bremen scored 3 goals against Hoffenheim as those goals conceded allowed us to remain 3rd. By the way Tuchel should have subbed in Merino rather than Rode.
    Really really a big downer Weigl injury in a such a crucial moments, hopefully we could pull it out without him. Also do you know if Sahin at least would be able to play?

    In another note I would like to apologise for the last two paragraphs of last post, they maybe a little extreme but that really how I feel about it. Dont know if that bothered you?
    Also is there any wrong line of thought in what i wrote about Tuchel? I have read a lot but a lot of that information seem unreliable ( unless am wrong)

  • Carlos Guerra posted 48 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    First ,Satisfied for the victory against Hoffenheim now to win the remaining games in order to keep the 3rd place. About the Aubameyang thing, I will put it shortly this he needs to be replaced properly( don’t get me wrong I just said “ put it shortly “ to not write again the whole idea as we already disscused)

    About the whole Tuchel thing I some things I dont really know what things exactly to take seriously or dont. I had been sent the translated news report from several outlets over there in germany. Some have been interesting some others have felt biased. Especiallly a report from a guy name Rucheim or it was Ruckenham or something like that
    Tuchel may be hard to work with, but the same can be said about Watzke. Ever since the beginning of this season he NEVER but never defended Tuchel from criticism by the media. If anything he just incentivized it by not doing nothing. And now using the media to disecredit him. If there is a dispute, talk about and manage that internaly not even chelsea did any of this before sacking Mourinho, and lets not even get started on the pre match interview against Hoffenheim were he also threw a dart agains Hoffenheim owner.

    Both "sides" probably have valid reasons to be upset, yet I think they're all acting childish, especially Watzke. But I am currently siding with Tuchel especially after what both Watzke and Rauball and basically tell the players, "Well, you don't have to play. I'm sure the fans will understand and not feel let down. We'll find someone else to stand tall for our values and be brave in the face of terror, no worries". That's just... inhumane, and I'm honestly shocked Watzke and Rauball don't seem to understand how despicable that is and was. It gives me the feeling that pherhaps Klopps was more of yes man, and Waztke kinda prefers that more while Tuchel wants slightly more authority than that. If by some chance that’s true then he is being really naïve because Klopp is unique and we singned Tuchel in first place because he was going to bring something different to the club.

    About the players backing one thing Im pretty sure is that Tuchel have enough backing from the players not really as super strong but enough .However, the reason that the backing isnt as super strong it could be because it's quite clear Tuchel is lacking in the... social department, especially with the way some some players are seemingly left out due to no apparent reason is weird. Not to mention his decisions to only use those players whenever he feels as he has no other choice, which can make frustastions on some players like Kagawa lack of playing first half of the season and that now has only want to extending his stay if he playes just like he has done on this first half of the season.
    What I am trying to say its that while the backing maynot be perfect or even strong as klopp backing pre-2014-2015 season. But believe me if the squad has turned their back or Tuchel & or dont stand him anymore it would have been seen a long, long ago not to mention the performances from all the players would have declined dramatically.
    Don’t know whats going to happen but I really hope that somehow they work things out, and Tuchel stays. Despite some problems this season the positives things this season still vastly outweight the negative, Tuchel had done great. Not saying he has been perfect with several issues from tactics, line ups, lates subs, even ….well you get the idea.
    Tuchel is the best manager we could possibly have right now, loosing him this summer especially with the likely departure of our 36 goals goalscore( even with all his flaws) is really dangerous as few managers out there have what it takes to take BvB to the next step. I red your comment about the unconving managera and you are right not single of those is convincing: Mancinin is one of the worst out there with him at the reing we will not even reach champions league qualification, Ranieri isn’t a coach for a top club, Scmidt is a poor mans version of Tuchel. Favre name have appeared lately, I know he did great a gladbach except his last season.Dont know really much of him to give an oppinion

    The following will be “extreme “ from my part but if we don’t win the Pokal against Einctracht Frankfurt a clearly average team( yes average), If Tuchel leaves and his replacement is a step down, and if the club doesn’t replace properly Aubameyang while entering another season with the squad not having finishing reinforcing. Unless the team surprises me I´m not gonna expect anything from the team next season and I´m not watch games from the club almost everymatch day as I have been doing( That’s a promise). I have zero patience for another 5 straight rebuiliding season, at the end of the day I can let everything slide off defeats, players leaving, , second place, etc. However I cant support nor will tolerate stagnation.

    P.S: The following doesn’t have much to do with topic. But I would like to add this.
    I know I have been really critical of Watzke, especially at a certain moment ( I apologise for that) but Watzke lost me at how he doesn’t want to compete until the club closes the gap with the Super Clubs. That has a major flaw because while BvB keeps increasing revenue other clubs will keep increasing too, so whenever we reach lets say 400 million revenue Bayern for example will have 700 million or above 700 million. That thought line of thought is completely faulty as under the current economic climate of European football the gaps are will unclosable we can lessen the gap as much as possible but the gap will still be there. We may be at a disadvantage,but we cant wait forever for the economic gap to magically close otherwise we will never do anything as we are waiting for something that’s not gonna happen

  • Carlos Guerra posted 52 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    Sorry for not replying. I was a little busy
    Wall of text incoming. Lol

    Sahin´s Renewal

    Don’t really know how I feel about it. On one hand,we know what he is capable of when he is physically and physically fit (as we have seen in a couple of the last few games), but on the other hand it has become impossible to really incorporate him & plan team in the medium term, much less in the long term. He has been used & is used currently by Tuchel whenever it can be “necessary” (and IF is fit). Sadly nowadays most of the time he is either injured or missing out because of fitness, hell he even if he made it into the squad a lot of time he wasn’t even been used as a main substitute. Also its relevant to mention that Tuchel had used him when he felt there is no other choice as it happened on the match against Hamburg.

    We know what it is capable of, but it guarantees us that it can be healthy even if it is mid-season (currently at best he will return only for the DFB Pokal Final). Sahin is 29 ,It is ugly to say but the Sahin of 2010-2011 or even the one of season 2013-2014 doubt that will return.
    (On a bonus note) You will be the only one that read this, because if I post the following in somewhere else I would be ripped to shreds.
    Sahin one-year extension of was given as a gesture of good faith because his new injury nothing else nothing more. In the sporting aspect even with its good run of form in the 3 matches he played before his current ankle injury he didn’t actually deserved it in fact even with his recent matches and had not suffer the injury he would still have been practically at with one foot on the exit door.
    Its makes me feel kinda bad for saying this but if Sahin had another injury prone season he should be let go. I´m sorry but the club cant have a player that in span of the 3 seasons he has only been able to average a 9.3 games per season, nor a player whose manager only uses when he feels there is no alternative; going with same issues for another 4th season in a row is unacceptable. Bayern had to face a decision like this with Badstuber and they did what’s best for everyone.

    BvB vs Bayern

    First of all from a neutral perspective I got to say this was a great match. It had everything football viewers would had wished from semi-final match. Jaw dropping actions at both goalposts. 2 teams with the desire of attack( or at leas to counterattack), quality plays from both sides,etc. Seriously this games was great one of most entertaining games of this season like Spanish speakers would say Partidazo!
    We started really well and pressuring early allowed to score end up goinf ahead with Reus goal. That being said if Aubameyang could have scored on that chance I think at the 4 min couple later with Reus goal we could have further destabilized Bayern in the first half. However it didtn happened that way and Bayern recovered and outplayed from the 25 min onward; thank god we managed to avoid a third goal with that block from Bender being crucial to our survival. Burki played an important role when all of the team was doing was trying to absorb Bayern pressure.

    Tuchel subbing in Durm was a decisive factor as once in he paired up with Pizceck to negate Ribery. That’s was one of those decisions that could have backfired greatly thankfully it didn’t. As mentioned Tuchel may have responsible for us losing games but not this time hadn’t it worked out Tuchel would have been ripped to shreds by the media and fans alike. However the team wasn’t out of the woods yet, its want until our second goal that the team received a breath of fresh sure. Sure Bayern were still dangerous but the team started to fightback and believe in themselves. That goal from Dembele was simply magical, just magical on a single moment of brilliance he just turned the game around.

    In overall it was a mixed performance from the team, but we managed to pull it out by sheer effort and tenacity. A couple of luck too and its nice to have it in our side for a change.
    Players performance was very mixed too. Sokratis and Bender did good but they had problems organize the defend without help form the fullbacks. Pizceck had torrid night he was time again and again chasing Ribery shadow, he was really poor only with the help of Durm Ribery influence in the game was finally neutered. Schelmzer was really poor as well and to think that there are still people that dare to think he perfomed well, sigh. He failed to even anoy Robben, thus Robben had free reing to run amok the entire game. Could talke about the other players but too much writing( sorry)

    I heard that Tuchel will get a new contract as long as he wins the Pokal. Either if that’s true or not Tuchel is under pressure to deliver. Hope he delivers, don’t know if I could take a 4th defeat in a row on a final.

    Also don’t worry too much about your Hummels comment everyone had some of those moments.

    Match against Koln

    Team was really tired after the match against Bayern, but despite that we managed put a lively performance at the start, and managed to maintain some of the impetus in the rest of the first half. We produced many good chances. I am still kinda hurt about that miss from Reus as it could have broken Koln resistance .
    Koln only mustered 2 chances after managing to overcome the team efforts in the first 30 mins. Aside from that they didn’t do anything else. It was also back to reality for Durm after his performance against Bayern with another subpar attacking display in all areas. Seriously Watzke, Tuchel & Zorc I beg you bring another RB.

    Meanwhile on the second half we almost scored right at the beginning, but Koln pussied out and parked the bus and annoyed us greatly by closing any semblance of space. Hell, they even changed the formation to 5-4-1 on paper but in practice a lot of times ended up turning to a 6-3-1. They didn’t do anything at all in second half.
    Really a shame we couldn’t start a winning run, but on the bright side Subotic received a standing ovation. Now he finally had a proper send-off from the club. Really glad as he had been one of the most important players in BvB history.

    Aubameyang possible departure

    If Aubameyang is leaving for PSG then the club should look to get as much money as possible from them. Its PSG we are talking about no need to give them a discount when every other club is trying to get as much money as possible from the so called “Super Clubs”. The minimum is 70 million anything less is totally unacceptable.
    I am aware I mentioned this before but it’s still relevant, Aubameyang sell is not a joke and the club shouldn’t take light and be “ don’t worry we will sign and exciting talent” . If Aubameyang isn’t replaced properly unless the team surprise us we can forget of building from this season & challenge Bayern.

    Even a struggle to qualify to Champions League is on the cards and for a club so proud of saying how making to Champions League is the only thing that matters let me says that struggling to reach Champions league qualifying places for almost half of the season at half of & sealing qualification in to Champions League on APRIL giving the squad we have isn’t good enough as this season showed (Looking at you Watzke).
    Now imagine this season but without a reliable goalscorer (even if he has his fair share of faults), please Watzke I beg you take this seriously.
    There is also the message it will transmit to other players the exit of Aubameyang coupled with not buying a proper replacement. If he leaves and an able replacement isn’t brought in Reus can forget of ever winning the league. Not to mention that any intent of showing to Dembele, Weigl, Guerreiro, Mor , Pulisic or any new player at BvB that the club can be much more than a simple stepping stone will be useless.

    There has been talks between fans that Schurle can be our Striker but that’s a lot of nonsense. He doesn’t have the enough qualities to be a +20 goals a season forward. His finishing isn’t really good enough for that the most he can do is hit the ball hard. I have seen games from him since where he was tried as an striker even from his Leverkusen days an he showed nothing special.
    On his best season to date he has only managed to score 14 goals, we can’t simply rely on that. Also his hold up play for what we need as a striker isn’t to the needed standard, on a technical Aubameyang is way more effective than him and that says a lot. He also don’t even has the minimum of poaching attributes unlike( yes I said minimum)
    Lacazatte, well at this point we know why it could be tricky to get him. But I really hope we can bring him to Dortmund he has everything required to replace Aubameyang.

    Morata is a risk, he has shown this season how effective he can be a sub striker with 13 goals in La Liga and 18 goals between all competitions as a sub. Now that’s substitute striker! Not one scoring 8-9 goals between all competitions, pfff. What still to be seen is if he is able to replicat & improve that from that performances but as a striker. Juventus sold him back to Madrid because they weren’t so sure if he would be able to turn into an a striker capable of +21 goals a season. What I´m trying to say is that it will take a gamble from us as he hasn’t still proved himself yet as an effective starter striker. So it will kinda be a gamble from us.

    Im not really sold on replacing Aubameyang with another Aleksander Isak.

  • Carlos Guerra posted 66 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    Another thing.

    I know this question is annoying, but I really want to know?
    (Excuse me) Why this supporters and the club rate Schemlzer so highly in terms of talent?
    Im not saying its bad but we all know how Schemlzer is really as a player. So why whenever anyone talks about him as he is world class quality, even Watzke after he signed his new contrack he said that BvB tied one of the "Best Left-Backs in existence". Are the fans so eager to see a player with loyalty in the team ,are the club so eager to have a player that is as close as possible to the fans or there is something else?
    It really makes me wonder

  • Carlos Guerra posted 66 days ago

    Carlos Guerra

    Yep, am in there as well. I started following the site since November

    I was able to watch a rematch of the game against Monaco.
    What a shame, it happened the bad outcome for us.
    Well not really mad or pissed about the defeat, there is no shame about in loosing against a team good team.
    However what pissed a lot of people the fact that despite Reus goal we barely did pose a challenge in a consistent basis. It annoyed many because even if we had end up loosing the fans dont want to see an embarassement( harsh word, while it wasnt an embarassement you know what I am trying to say) apart from the second half at home and some moments at Monaco. The first half at home i give them that, especially after nearly escaping with their lives.

    About the players:
    - Oh boy I never saw Reus so frustated with his teamates before, he wasnt really far from being pissed off with them.

    -Durm was inexistent, didnt show any resembling quality or solidity neither at defending or attacking. He was a little mad about being subbed off at 21 mins, but he was rightly subbed off as he was a walking disaster.

    -Ginter was really off he always seems overwhelmed and tries too hard and then falters. On the second goal he didnt followed the play he just watched, not joking but I played fifa yestedray with dortmund but ended up loosing because ginter didnt track and run aand just watched how Luis Suarez headed the ball.

    -Pizceck was again ripped to shreds by the opposition and been guilty of giving to cheap goals( the pizcseck of 2012-2013 is long gone)

    -Weigl was man marked by 2 and couldnt 2 much of anything( classical gameplan when to play against Dortmund)

    -Sahin was great, after he was subbed off from the match it was Tuchel message of gg. Almost scored and could have turned the match upside down.Wether his good run of form in the last matches will be able to change his destiny at the club is unknown.

    -Guerreiro Solid while on the wings, but didnt do well at the CM position. Just because he is playing as CM doesnt make him a capable CM. This clearly should open the eyes of the supporters who still believe he has a future as a CM.

    -Kagawa. I give him a six and even then he was one of the best performers.

    -Aubameyang. In his defense he didnt have any service at all. But it is really detrimental to us that if our main strikers becomes invisible once the attcking supply to cut off. He can be sold ONLY if Lacazette is coming. No need to repeat the Lewandowski debacle

    -Schemlzer He was hardworker, and that helped the team. But he was far from reinvogariting the entire left side as Stephan Buckso says

    -Dembele. Still looking tired, but he is still manage to grab an assist while causing trouble from time to times. Decent cameo

    - Pulisic. It was over when he already entered

    Never done this before, but it had to be said Tuchel clearly didnt know what the hell he was doing. He tries to be like Guardiola did at Bayern, only that doesnt works here well because we dont have that level of squad depth. Sahin subbed off for Schemlzer WTF?!
    putting Durm as starter in a win or die match after recovering from injury, Did I missed something?. While I´havent been much of a critic to him, he rightly deserve the flak he is currently receiving

    If Lacazette agrees to come, I would like to sell Aubameyang and reinforce the defense.
    Would you like an scenario like this to happen?

    I read that Weigl said " we younger players will grow from this" But I only agree partly with it. He saids that we were among the 3 youngest teams in the champions league, that hurts a lot. But thats incorrect our average today was 25 years old. A couple of young players doesnt makes the youngest team in the champions League and a 25 years average age isnt excatly young in terms of football. The one that were young and inexperienced were Monaco and guess what they gave us a lesson in how to play football.
    It wasnt because we were too young or some inexperienced players, we simply didnt play good enough

    Thoughts on everything?