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Samantha was born in Arizona, but grew up in Cleveland. There she acquired the childhood nickname of Buh, after Al Bubba Baker (fortunately not due to any physical resemblance), the requisite chip on the shoulder that all Cleveland fans have, and permanent frostbite from attending Browns games in December. Her love of sports and tendency toward attachment to teams that choke began with the 1986 Browns.

After suffering through The Drive, watching Bill Belichick run her team into the ground while blaming it on Bernie Kosar, and even forcing herself to root for Vinny Testaverde, the Browns rewarded her for her loyalty by leaving town.

Unable to find a suitable replacement team to adopt, she switched her primary devotion to baseball. She fell in love with the Indians and the game itself, and before she knew it found herself reading scouting reports and uttering the phrase "sorry, I don't have time to date during baseball season."

Like her hero Crash Davis, she's got an "I believe" speech. Inspired by the effect of Crash's speech on Annie, she hopes to someday use the following to impress Scott Van Pelt:

She believes that either baseball or Miller Lite is her soul mate, that Omar Vizquel is the greatest defensive shortstop in the history of the game, and that Jose Mesa may be the embodiment of pure evil. She believes in respecting streaks, the power of a sell-out crowd, and that a 6-4-3 double play can be one of the most beautiful things in the world. She would rather steal home than hit a grand slam, thinks that the bench clearing brawl is an art form but that it is rarely executed to perfection, and that the 1919 Black Sox may have been the greatest team of all time. She believes that MLB should outlaw purple jerseys, the wave, and Joe Morgan. She believes that the home run is overrated and the triple is underrated, that Lou Pinella throws the world's best tantrums, and that Jamie Moyer is often the only thing that gets her out of bed in the morning.

She thought it best to provide a few additional details for a more complete description of herself in case she ever gets any fans, enemies, or stalkers: She has several useless talents which include shooting pool, crosswords and picking locks, but she is a terrible bowler, can't seem to stop stealing holiday decorations while out drinking, and has a problem with authority.

She blames Art Modell for her trust issues, her Cleveland Stadium Dog Pound training for the time she got kicked out of a Penn State game for throwing things, and 10-Cent Beer Night for the fact that she can no longer upgrade her seats at ball games through squatters rights.

Her fastball tops out at 55.

Samantha is a displaced Browns and Indians fan living in New York. She is the Senior Sports Editor at CineSport.

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  • ali khan posted 17 days ago

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  • Gary Vandegrift posted 1033 days ago

    Gary Vandegrift

    Hey Samantha, we've missed you! I hope everything is ok. I wish you'd come back to BR and write about our Browns!

  • BobCat Mike posted 1096 days ago

    BobCat Mike

    Ummmm... are you on a very long vacation? Your articles and positive viewpoints on the Browns are sorely missed.

  • Brad Ewing posted 1124 days ago

    Brad Ewing

    It would be interesting to know the types of analytics (e.g. linear programming) that are run by teams to help determine draft picks efficiently on draft day. For instance, teams identify their list of highly valued prospects before the draft but then their needs change each time a position is drafted either by that team or by another team (the former results in lower team demand for that position and the latter results in lower supply of talent at that position).

  • Brad Ewing posted 1131 days ago

    Brad Ewing

    Riddle me this: Why are the Browns consistently worse than other teams in similar markets? I realize this question requires considerable time to answer adequately but I would appreciate your best efforts to elucidate what leads to successful (and unsuccessful) franchises.

  • Mark Rowan posted 1133 days ago

    Mark Rowan

    Where were girls like you when I was 20 years younger? I love your articles. You really have talent. Can I get your autograph when you're famous?

  • Andre Applin posted 1134 days ago

    Andre Applin

    Samantha, you are without a doubt the best.

  • Anthony R posted 1163 days ago

    Anthony  R

    I can't believe Bill Belichick ran your team into the ground because he's working wonders for mine.

  • Pat Kondzella posted 1170 days ago

    Pat Kondzella

    I can't believe I said sole mate.

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