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  • Gary Vandegrift posted 823 days ago

    Gary Vandegrift

    Hey Samantha, we've missed you! I hope everything is ok. I wish you'd come back to BR and write about our Browns!

  • BobCat Mike posted 887 days ago

    BobCat Mike

    Ummmm... are you on a very long vacation? Your articles and positive viewpoints on the Browns are sorely missed.

  • Brad Ewing posted 915 days ago

    Brad Ewing

    It would be interesting to know the types of analytics (e.g. linear programming) that are run by teams to help determine draft picks efficiently on draft day. For instance, teams identify their list of highly valued prospects before the draft but then their needs change each time a position is drafted either by that team or by another team (the former results in lower team demand for that position and the latter results in lower supply of talent at that position).

  • Brad Ewing posted 922 days ago

    Brad Ewing

    Riddle me this: Why are the Browns consistently worse than other teams in similar markets? I realize this question requires considerable time to answer adequately but I would appreciate your best efforts to elucidate what leads to successful (and unsuccessful) franchises.

  • Mark Rowan posted 924 days ago

    Mark Rowan

    Where were girls like you when I was 20 years younger? I love your articles. You really have talent. Can I get your autograph when you're famous?

  • Andre Applin posted 925 days ago

    Andre Applin

    Samantha, you are without a doubt the best.

  • Anthony R posted 954 days ago

    Anthony  R

    I can't believe Bill Belichick ran your team into the ground because he's working wonders for mine.

  • Pat Kondzella posted 961 days ago

    Pat Kondzella

    I can't believe I said sole mate.

  • Pat Kondzella posted 961 days ago

    Pat Kondzella

    Samantha, I just read your Free Agents article. You have a lot of knowledge about the team. I hope we don't rely on Montario Hardesty if we lose Hillis. Do you still live in Ohio? I love your sense of humor especially Joe Morgan should be outlawed, your love of Jamie Moyer, Miller Lite or baseball is your sole mate and crank calling Sox pitchers. Did the scissors incident really happen? I just did a piece on the 25th anniversary of "The Drive." Take a look if you have time. Good luck with the Scott Van Pelt thing.

  • Nibeyu Yegezu posted 985 days ago

    Nibeyu Yegezu

    This is a little old but your recent article about "The Plan" made me reflect on an article I wrote when Holmgren was first hired that had a different perspective. I enjoyed your article and was interested to read your thoughts on mine.

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