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  • Trey Tak posted 925 days ago

    Trey Tak

    hey Luffy! it's been a long time! Well, I hope Depay can be our next #7. He looks class on YouTube but who knows how good he is until we see him on the pitch! Excited about him though. I think 10-15 goals would be a good target for him for his debut season.

    I agree, RB, CM, and CB look like our next targets. If De Gea goes, we'll need another keeper too. Schneiderlin's deal is apparently done according to Talksport, so that'll be another nice purchase.

    I think we could give Varela a shot at RB if we don't see a good RB in the market. I'd like Darmian or maybe Coleman. It's weird we sold Janko to Celtic...I thought he was supposed to be one of our best youngsters.

    At CB, what do you think about the Ramos rumors?

  • Trey Tak posted 1093 days ago

    Trey Tak

    hey man! Sorry for being late lol. Happy belated New Year!

    LVG needs to stick to a 4 man back line...that's all I have to say lol. Have a good 2015 bro!

  • Trey Tak posted 1195 days ago

    Trey Tak

    no worries! I'm busy with work too. Yeah, defense has been inconsistent at best this season, but it's starting to look a little better. McNair's been looking great.

    Di it. I dunno about RVP though...he hasn't been like his 2013 season. I think the World Cup/age is catching up to him. He should get a rest and clear his head. I hope Wilson starts a game soon :D

    Anyway, good talking to ya like always Luffy!

  • Trey Tak posted 1242 days ago

    Trey Tak

    take a look at this Luffy! it's been a while btw.

  • Trey Tak posted 1298 days ago

    Trey Tak

    Yeah the Netherlands and van Gaal destroyed Spain and their tactics. Tiki taka age is over.

    I agree, I really hope van Gaal can inspire a youngster or two next season. It would be great to see Powell and Lingard playing time. If Powell learns from Scholesy, I am sure he will be a great CM. Wigan played him as a second striker or as a striker, so I got a little annoyed by that.

    LOL wow, I almost forgot Zaha existed. Wonder what will happen to him next season. SOSOSO excited for the season!!

  • Trey Tak posted 1299 days ago

    Trey Tak

    YES man, I'm so happy that Woodward seems to be trying to make up for last year's disastrous transfer window. Already bought two legit signings who can compete now and for the future in Shaw and Herrera. Hope we can get a midfield destroyer alongside Herrera, maybe a Carvalho if possible. I would love Vidal, but he's going to be near impossible to buy. I also hope we go after Memphis Depay, he looks a real talent so far in the World Cup. What about you? GGMU TOP 4 NEXT SEASON. LET'S GO. I'm already excited for next season lol.

  • Sir Manny 2.0 posted 1299 days ago

    Sir Manny 2.0

    We got Herrera!

  • Sir Manny 2.0 posted 1325 days ago

    Sir Manny 2.0

    Hey man! My old account didn't allow me to comment or like comments, it took me about a month to be bothered enough to make a new one. But anyways I'm back. I hope you're up to date on one piece!

  • Trey Tak posted 1362 days ago

    Trey Tak

    if it is the great Monkey D. Luffy bombing me with comments, I don't mind at all! Is that a new technique you learned? :D

    Yeah, I also heard about van Gaal possibly wanting Keane as his assistant but I think it might just be the British media stirring things up. What do you think about van Gaal by the way?

    I gotta feeling (*insert Black Eyed Peas bgm*) that Shaw would do well as our LB of the future if we got him. Only 18, sure, but already one of the best LBs in the league. 30M would be really expensive for a prospect though. I remember when 30M+ used to be reserved for superstars. Modern times, though, oh well.

    For sure, we need a couple of good ball winners in midfield so that Mata, Kagawa, and Rooney can work their magic. Matic would've been perfect....

  • Trey Tak posted 1366 days ago

    Trey Tak

    lol, sorry for the double post.