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Ayden Chamberlin

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So who am I? What is my name? My name is Ayden and I have gotten a ton of comments on how cool my name was but my particular mother likes to say that all the other families stole it from her because she thought of it first! How old am I? Well I am almost one hundred percent that some people are probably old enough to be a grandma or grandpa to me but I am fourteen! Am I immature like a fourteen year old? Well lets just say that people mistake me to be much older than I am. I first fell into hockey not too long ago and my father pushed and prodded me to be a Canucks fan! I obeyed him and watched as the Sedin sisters would cycle and cycle some more while Louie made those jawdropping saves! But soon my eyes fell on the poor little Panthers and I started to take a lot of interest in the Florida teams! I ended up getting into Bulls and Bucaneers football and it was weird because I was from the good ol' British Columbia! What else is there to say? I hope I can just represent the cities that all my respective teams fall in and I hope I will do good representing them here and everywhere else!

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