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Rio Ferdinand

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Rio Ferdinand is an English footballer. He plays at centre-back for Manchester United .His brother Anton Ferdinand is the Queens Park Rangers defender, while former England striker Les Ferdinand and Peterborough United midfielder Kane Ferdinand are his cousins. His dream want to become a Manchester United legend.

Rio is a Legend of Manchester United. Has been loyal with the club for 12-and-a-half year. He is definitely a player to be remembered. But he has been left out of the team since the conflict that he criticises David Moyes for late team selections. Then, David Moyes is starting to make Rio look stupid and decided not to renew his contract. Many of Manchester United fans and players believe and argue that If Giggsy can play at 40 then Rio deserve a chance too and deserved his new Manchester United contract and he can keep going just like Giggs and Scholes.

Is This the End for Rio Ferdinand at Manchester United ?

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  • Steve Backs posted 115 days ago

    Steve Backs

    ***Pumping away Idiots and Trolls from B/R"
    JOIN ME IN MY QUEST to eliminate these idiots from BR!Section by Section, from the team I hate the most Manchester United!

    Jihoon Nam
    Nathan F
    Jake Brigance

    My allies:
    -David Teo (No written consent yet, but hates Mazoomy so there goes!)
    -Sergey Karasev (Has already tried to exterminate BR idiots, but failed!)
    -Mike 80Colt (Our undercover agent to exterminate these rats!)

  • tekar hussy posted 120 days ago

    tekar hussy

    Whats up Rio. That Moyes is finally gone and now you can get you game time. Good luck

  • Jo3 Bleacher posted 212 days ago

    Jo3 Bleacher

    Fergie is the best manager ever but that doesn't make him flawless and his biggest mistake so far is making David Moyes manager. As for Rio he has been loyal to United for over a decade so it's time for MUFC to return the favor

  • Kanye West posted 227 days ago

    Kanye  West

    ###Breaking News : Man U Board Planning summer sacking if David Moyes Fails to Secure Champions League Qualification.. hooray hahahahaha

    In david de gea we trust..In david moyes we rust

  • Diego Samparas posted 230 days ago

    Diego Samparas

    Yes..Rio deserves a new contract.You a legend, and you gold to ManUnited. If they don't renew your contract, then there is definitely something wrong with ManUnited management.

  • Michael Glatz posted 232 days ago

    Michael Glatz

    Rio you're not.

  • David Moyes posted 233 days ago

    David Moyes


  • Sandeep Sreekumar posted 234 days ago

    Sandeep Sreekumar

    ..mate you did deserve a contract and have landed one.. arent you going to Brazil as a commentator?? :)

  • Jake Brigance posted 235 days ago

    Jake Brigance

    Lol Rio you need to make way for younger defenders, you're past your prime. You're the Puyol of Man Utd.

  • David Teo posted 235 days ago

    David Teo

    LOOOL! what can i do for you, Rio?I got nothin XD