Michael Wood

Michael Wood


Michael (or Mike) is an aspiring sportswriter/broadcaster who, like many on Bleacher Report, has loved sports from a young age and is continually and continuously amazed by them and the effects they can have on people. He loves to talk about and debate all sorts of topics from collective bargaining agreements to who to start at wide receiver for the week's fantasy matchup. Being as sports journalist in current times is a tall task, and being a successful and respected one is an even greater assignment. Hopefully Bleacher Report will be a great start to a long and exciting career.

Michael was born in Boston but grew up in Vermont, and it is entirely his father's fault for the Yankees association in MLB but Boston teams in nearly all other sports (except for the Pats.. never!). But he certainly is not thinking about switching sides now or ever. Always more of a player than a spectator early on, he adopted teams like the Denver Broncos and Tennessee Titans at a young age because of their awesomely cool logos (and I challenge anyone to find a more menacing and clean cut NFL logo than Denver or Tennessee) and has since stuck with them ever since.

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