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Linda Onn

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Hola. Me llamo Heikki yo vivo en helsinki y yo giero aprender hablar a espanol. Hi. i want to learn spanish and english, my native language is finnish.

English say hello! ,Finnish say Moi!
English say How are you?, Finnish say Mitä kuuluu?

ohhh I'm sexy and I Emknow it. When I walk on by, girls be looking like "Damn, he fly!"

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  • Fleur Delacour posted 162 days ago

    Fleur Delacour


  • Luis Campos posted 176 days ago

    Luis Campos

    Hello Linda, thank you for your comment. I haven't "retired," yet, I've been working on my own wrestling career and that doesn't leave me much time to write article or watch WWE programming. If you wish to stay in touch and up to date on what I am doing feel free to follow me on Twitter: Thanks!

  • wade posted 195 days ago


    yes . Happy New Year to u Too .

  • Heisenberg posted 199 days ago


    Ohhh, you're definitely a dude.... gross.

  • Luis David Long Beach posted 203 days ago

    Luis David Long Beach

    HSHAHAHAH you think I am gay? won't be the first nor the last..thanx for the compliment...

  • wade posted 206 days ago


    Thanks for the fan add

  • austin shaver posted 207 days ago

    austin shaver


  • Shashvat posted 207 days ago


    I can go on and on but I hope that this gives you a more detailed and beautiful view of India. :)

  • Shashvat posted 207 days ago


    BTW, below, I meant that Indians speak 1600 languages and more than 10,000 dialects.

  • Karan posted 207 days ago


    *Below* I was going to recommend him too!!

    I think you are now cleared of your bad thoughts against India!! XD