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I'm ADHD and an insomniac. Oh and very low self esteem. :P
Not kidding. Thank you for reading and assuming you didn't shed salty tears for whatever reason, goodbye.

Call me Artemis if you want. NOT AS IN ARTEMIS THE GODDESS!

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  • Kunal Bhandari posted 140 days ago

    Kunal Bhandari

    Hell yeah awesome result vs SA. I love Kohli and have to admire the team has not let the off-field controversies affect them.
    Sri lanka , be warned

  • Tre Gulley posted 142 days ago

    Tre Gulley

    Calma, esta bien. We still have the best academy in the world bar none. We're going to see more of Deulofeu and Bartra and Rafinha whether management likes it or not now. Esta buena.

  • Kunal Bhandari posted 162 days ago

    Kunal Bhandari

    Hi Gerard

    I think 2015 might be Dhoni's swansong, he'll probably retire after the WC and even tho I don't like some of his decisions, he should get a proper send off, unlike what we did with Ganguly

    Regarding our chance , I don't know man.We underperformed in New zealand and I hav'nt been able to follow cricket as my board exams are on. But I don't think Duncan is upto it. if the likes of Pujara are having to bowl to win a spot in the team, despite his superb domestic record , the selectors are also not upto it. What do you think about the T20 WC?

  • Tre Gulley posted 166 days ago

    Tre Gulley

    What are your proposed roster changes for this coming summer transfer window?

  • Gerard Deulofeu posted 189 days ago

    Gerard Deulofeu

    lol hello!