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  • Stephen Sabo posted 2117 days ago

    Stephen Sabo

    Hey Stephanie,

    Another UPJ alum! Pretty cool. I've been dragging my feet on writing my own articles. My excuse is I am working on my MBA and my wife and I have our first baby due literally today (Nov 12th). Instead I've been writing long comments on other writer's articles. Perhaps I should get off my butt and actually write :O) Anyway, nice to meet you. I'll be sure to check out and respond to more articles...especially about the Pens!

  • Wooooo posted 2229 days ago


    Welcome to BR, glad to see you decided to become a member.
    You do a great job at Steel City Sports Fan, so im sure I dont have to tell you not to hesitate to drop me a line on my bulletin board, or by e-mail if you have any questions about how Bleacher Report is run.
    In addition to running Experiencing the Evolution, I'm also the Community Leader for the Pens here at BR, so I look forward to working with you once the season gets underway.
    Thanks, and Let's Go Pens