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  • Stephen Meyer posted 3169 days ago

    Stephen  Meyer

    Hey Dave,

    Ryan Zimmerman’s hit streak halted at 30 games last night. As one streak ends, another is admired. Read about how Joe DiMaggio forever redefined ’56,’ and how his feat may never be broken. It is a record that thankfully cannot be broken through steroid use, and represents all that was once right in a game that has since gone so wrong.


    Thanks in advance!

    -Stephen (Heartbeat of the Bronx)

  • Geoff Crawley posted 3169 days ago

    Geoff Crawley

    Greatest Defense Ever?



  • Geoff Crawley posted 3171 days ago

    Geoff Crawley

    Why Kevin Kolb, you ask? Why not Kevin Kolb?, I say?


  • Geoff Crawley posted 3173 days ago

    Geoff Crawley

    My Eagles preview.


  • Mike Kent posted 3174 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    This is a article reminding the Giants and Eagles that the Cowboys and Redskins are in the NFC East too


  • Flattish Poe posted 3175 days ago

    Flattish Poe

    Dave, of all the BleacherReport writers who ask me to read with no mention of reciprocating, I have to say your article was fun. And I like fun. It, however, could use some stuff. First, it needs a good editing. I have a 10/90 rule: 10% of my time I use to write it, and 90% I use to edit it. Also, be careful of repeat words in sentences. You find interesting ways to say benign things and that's good, but you could run through this post and cross out all the words that don't need to be said - like writing good stand-up comedy. And you could use more apostrophies and less 'pretty's' and 'probably's'. Write it like you'd say it and read through it out loud - repeatedly - and you'll see what I mean.

    Other than that, it was one of the nicest styles I've read on this site. If you care to read one of mine, I just posted today's blog - Cole, The Next Precious Metal. Let me know what you think, especially if you find fault. I'm not here for the popularity contest.

  • Ronnybrook posted 3324 days ago


    It's all fun and games until someone loses a...hand.


  • Chris DiFrancesco posted 3374 days ago

    Chris DiFrancesco

    Hey Dave, thanks for reading. Plenty more to come. Yes i am over at WIP, shoot me an email anytime.

  • 4-6-3 posted 3374 days ago


    Check out my World Series preview:


  • Bleacher Report posted 3402 days ago

    Bleacher  Report

    Hey Dave, as a fellow Phillies fan, check out my article on Ryan Howard's MVP candidacy and let me know what you think.