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  • Greg Reed posted 1505 days ago

    Greg Reed

    So grateful for what Chris Petersen did for BSU and our community with his character and on-field results. Reading the local press as we search for his replacement, I question and worry about:

    *Coyle’s relationship with Petersen that allowed the best coach in NCAAF and Boise history to walk out the door while he enjoyed a Bronco basketball game. Most people leave their jobs due to money and/or their management. We know Petersen wasn’t chasing dollars over his time at BSU. Coyle is under the microscope, rightfully.

    *Local sports writers demonstrating simple mindedness, nativist and otherwise foolish thinking on a replacement HC. I say, use UW stealing our coach as an example and stop clamoring for an “Idahoan” with “ties” to Boise. Was Petersen from Idaho? Was Hawkins? No. Has Harsin or Wilcox proven themselves at a HC level? No. Be like UW and go hunt down and lock-in the best, most proven HC that can recruit the nation as well as evaluate, develop and scheme the way Petersen did. Look, we are not UW but UW is not UCLA, Stanford, USC, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Notre Dame and all the other big programs Petersen was chased by but passed up for UW. Let’s hear a little less defeatism and small-town chatter and act in accordance with our program as the most winning program of the last 12 years in FBS and the winner of 2 BCS bowls.

    *Coyle needs to stop chasing old men from Boise’s past. He has already interviewed Koetter who’s best achievement is being from Pocatello. He was only decent at BSU and less so at ASU – look it up. And while Hawkins was great for BSU, his time has passed as Colorado and his Canadian stint has shown. Some have called for us to hire Craig Bohl from FCS NDSU before he was snatched by Wyoming….are you people out of your minds? FCS? This is BSU for “Pete’s” sake! And on that note, Petersen was paid 2.2m with 200k increases annually at BSU. We are a poor state in many respects but that type of salary is actually very competitive relative AQ conferences. So we should put our money where our mouth is about our program and if we are truly a national brand BCS buster, then act like one and stop dumpster-diving for the coach of Arkansas State, DC of UW or some old man whose best days are behind them.

    Who is the man to lead BSU? I don’t know and after all, that’s what Kustra and Coyle get paid big dollars to figure out. Hopefully, they’re not listening to local writers and sports radio mouthpieces – otherwise we are in bigger trouble than just losing a legend.

    Go Broncos!

  • Greg Reed posted 1540 days ago

    Greg Reed

    Same OC, same WR's, same O-line. The difference is the trigger man. Is Grant the answer at QB for 2014; not sure but he has played very well since his first opportunity vs. Nevada (even in the loss to BYU).

    As with any starting QB in D1, Grant has what you would expect - touch, timing, chemistry, can read through progressions and deliver the ball in stride - VERTICAL. One very important stat is the Yards Per Attempt where Grant averaged 12YPA vs. the previous starter's 6YPA. Another positive observation many BSU fans probably made was how quick his release is (giving the defense less time to react to the ball and lay out his receivers).

    Grant is not perfect in any regard but his skill-set running, passing and making decisions, makes him a marked improvement over the past.

    Once maturity, experience and skill-sets in the linebacking (Perez was also impressive) and the secondary improve, late game and crucial letdowns in the defense will reduce and more folks will come to see what they remember out of the Broncos from the 12+ years preceding 2012-Oct. 2013.

    Go Broncos!!

  • Greg Reed posted 1559 days ago

    Greg Reed

    10 Things We Learned From The Broncos' Win:

    You are entitled to your opinion Martin, which is the conventional thinking, at least among establishment sources.

    You alluded to some of my points but did not address them, instead mostly dismissing them. You can choose to dismiss the criticism of Southwick by pointing to a decent pass here or there and a completion percentage that is highly deceptive (YTD Southwick’s completion percentage is only .04 less than Kellen Moore, but Moore threw bombs, over the top, fade/post routes – in stride) and that makes a huge difference, and helps make Southwick the “constant target of critics”.

    You can also choose to ignore the fact that while you and other apologists vehemently defend Southwick despite the obvious deficiencies voiced by many, you have no problem heaping criticism on the defense, special teams, Robert Prince, et al. Why is the defense expected to be flawless year over year so that Joe can throw pick-six’s? Why should the wide receivers be criticized as not NFL caliber when the passes are late or the route has to stop before the ball arrives, usually resulting in vicious hits against them or dropped passes? Why should the running game be criticized when the box is stacked by the opposing defense daring Joe to throw beyond 8 yards or over the top?

    I can only speak for myself when I say (as I said to Joe’s grandfather Jay Sondheim last season), I don’t know Joe Southwick but I would guess that he is a pretty swell guy, loves his family, school and team. I don’t have disdain for him and your assertion only obfuscates the argument which I will bring on point, once again – You can search in vain for statistics to defend Joe Southwick’s play on the field but there is no doubt that his lack of timing, touch, chemistry, calm and leadership under pressure are at the heart of what have been mediocre campaigns in his two seasons at the helm. And like any other team, the quarterback is under a microscope, no different with Joe, especially since his weaknesses are glaring to those without a vested interest in protecting him from criticism.

    The big picture is that Boise State is no longer the mid-major from somewhere in Idaho. Twelve plus years of winning, developing talent, fan support and execution on the field have made BSU the best program in FBS over the last decade plus. With that should come the ability to recruit better and better talent at all positions, most importantly – quarterback.

    When fans of our level of program see a Chuckie Keeton, Derek Carr, David Fales, and Cody Fajardo and wonder why we can’t lock a backyard kid like Taylor Kelly and instead muddle to a 10-2 and 4-2 campaigns…that is why Joe is the “constant target of” this critic, despite being a great guy, which is not at issue.

    You are not alone in your theme Martin, which is echoed by Cripe, Murphy and the rest of them, which is ….You can celebrate Joe’s moustache and the trouncing of an FCS cellar-dweller UTM, but you dare not criticize his interceptions and other poor play against competitive teams.

    Keep attacking critical voices and keep blaming the defense and Robert Prince. It’s worked for you thus far….

  • Hewwo Mawty posted 1607 days ago

    Hewwo Mawty

    I am excited to hold you to your bold predictions for your boy Joey>>>>
    Hopefully the run game and defense can bail him out like they did all last year<<<<

  • audi s5 posted 1786 days ago

    audi s5

    still waiting for the reply martin :)

  • rk footballfan posted 1841 days ago

    rk footballfan

    Thanks Martin, have only recently found your writings and look forward to your future entries, I think you are doing a great job of covering Boise State Athletics.
    Love it when the haters show up and whine that we don't play anyone, instead of asking their coach why they don't play us, oh yeah, they saw the georgia game.

    Keep up the great work, GO BLUE!

  • jay l posted 1890 days ago

    jay l

    Ready to admit i was correct about TCU and WVU not being ready to be in the big 12? 9 losses between them, with 1-2 more to come I think proves that lol.

  • Ian Craft posted 2021 days ago

    Ian Craft


  • daniel lowe posted 2148 days ago

    daniel  lowe

    BSU = WEAKSAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLAY 2 no 3 TOP 25 Teams in the same YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!! Have you EVER? NO! but but BUtT YOUR TEAM IS WEAKNESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • daniel lowe posted 2162 days ago

    daniel  lowe

    Hey Martin-- FSU has called your AD-- WE want you! Will you grow a pair and come to TAllahassee and play the NOLES? Its not Fresno ST, but FSU! SEPT 8th--- no excuses for backing out now!!!!!!!!!!!!