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  • Tim Mosher posted 2620 days ago

    Tim Mosher

    Always good to hear from you Phillip. Glad to see that you are still limiting you contributions to personal attacks. Anytime you feel compelled to share an actual opinion of your own , it will be welcomed. Please keep up the the scating prose. it is surely relief for a great many........TM

  • Ted Sillanpaa posted 2689 days ago

    Ted Sillanpaa

    Philip....I appreciate the frustration that's involved reading the stuff that passes for writing here. Tim Mosher reads my stuff and responds a lot. Since I respond to every comment, I know what you mean about the length of his comments and so forth. I actually have tried to get some people to stop being so snarky, stop being so mean and personally critical. It worked a time or two...particularly when I was writing about college basketball.

    Obviously, some people who comment just get a kick out of making other people mad. If they attract attention by mocking you...and they think it gets under your, it never ends...they'll drive you nuts.

    For whatever it's worth...I don't read anything on The Bleacher Report. Nothing. Zero. I stumbled onto it as a place to start doing online stuff and building an audience. don't read it to get insight or to be entertained. For every halfway decent thing a fan writes, you see 101 things that explain why there was a time when writers DID go to journalism school and did learn the craft and did really practice the business. careful when you're reading'll see more stuff written like Tim Mosher than not, I think.

    I really appreciate you reading my thing.

  • Tim Mosher posted 2689 days ago

    Tim Mosher

    Phillip.........Take heart old boy. I have been told by a number of medical professionals that without a liver transplant I have but a year to 18 mos. to live. I'll be out of your hair soon enough, or so it would seem. .....It does occur to me that without a pro / con relationship there will be no debate. As firmly grounded in my convictions about Giant management dysfunction, you may also be with regard to my academic failings. We may in fact both be right at times and also each be mistaken just as often. I was diagnosed with ADD in college.I have never received any medication for this disorder, such as Andres Torres is currently the beneficiary of.Neither here nor there , but I would just like you to know that as such is my plight in this realm I may have a sense of urgency for Giant success that most other Giant fans don't find themselves. I can never walk a mile in the shoes of either Sabean or Bochy , nor should they wish to try on mine. So there it is fellow poster. I make no assertions to any qualifications as a professional writer .As a result of my failing health from a range of conditions I have been stuck in a chair for the past 12 years. My venting on the BR is no doubt driven as such. I do apologize if I have caused you any head aches. My targets of discontent are Giant organizational personnel. Professional public personas. , these people chose their professions, not the other way around. It would also seems that professionally, writers are chosen , and I harbor no delusions that I may become one of them.Always looking for a volunteer editor though , just ask Ted.