Ryan Gaydos

Ryan Gaydos


My name is Ryan Gaydos. I have been on Bleacher Report since 2008 writing on and off for the site. I am the sports editor of Kean University's The Tower. I am an editorial intern for the Home News Tribune and the Courier News, two of Gannett Media's New Jersey newspapers.

What I am trying to do is increase my exposure so that maybe one day I could write for a big sports media company or a newspaper.

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  • Richard Bowler posted 2720 days ago

    Richard Bowler

    Check out my new Mock Draft

  • Matthew Falkenbury posted 2968 days ago

    Matthew Falkenbury


    The biggest week of games to date this season begins for the Mets with Six games against the Phillies and the Yankees, its a real test for a team that has dealt with quite a bit during this early part of the season. With this I'm presenting another version of my Top Five with the subject centering around how the Mets can be successful this week against the Phils and Yanks. I hope you enjoy and thanks in advance.


  • Brandon Hopper posted 2975 days ago

    Brandon Hopper

    I see. Do you remember their reasoning? I liked your article but I think you would write a good unbiased one. Not everyone can do it. I am a big nuggets fan but if you read my articles you would not be able to tell. Read the game one story and see.

  • Brandon Hopper posted 2975 days ago

    Brandon Hopper

    That's interesting! I've never been told by a professional to put opinion into a game story. Of course, columns and editorials are loaded with opinion. Game recaps, as far as I've been taught, are stricly news and a reporter is never supposed to add their own thoughts in a news story.

    Who told you to put opinion in a game story? What was their reasoning?

  • Andrew Cahill posted 3008 days ago

    Andrew Cahill

    A Story From A True Patriots Fan...check this one out...


  • Paul Swaney posted 3033 days ago

    Paul Swaney

    I've got a silver lining take on the upcoming Pirates season. Take a look when you have a chance- it's a short read...Thanks, and Happy Baseball!


  • Jersey Al Bracco posted 3041 days ago

    Jersey Al Bracco

    Here's my first shot at a "soccer" article: Would love to hear your comments:


  • Old Account posted 3045 days ago

    Old Account

    Decided to make a rare write-up on the article about the Yankees, as I feel some of the fans want to use their great past as an excuse for their not as successful present. Check out my latest piece on why Yankee fans need to talk about the present, not the past.