UCSD Physiology and Neurology student, avid boxing enthusiast, and boxing historian based in San Diego, CA.

My boxing writing and analysis has been featured on many top sports websites, including the Los Angeles Times, Bleacher Report, and CBSsports.com. I have also written as a columnist for KissingTheCanvas.com.

Find me on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/hePRFl (mention Bleacher Report in the friend request so I can be sure to add you)

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  • Alex Ballentine posted 1752 days ago

    Alex Ballentine

    Thanks for the props on my Gary Payton article, Dave. Glad you enjoyed it!

  • King J posted 1875 days ago

    King J

    PM your official prediction PAC vs JMM 4

  • . . posted 1931 days ago

    . .


    Thanks for replying and I wish you the best in any future and current endeavors!

    I'll be sure to check those posts you mentioned and be sure to send you a friend request when I get back in that crazy social networking world.

    And whenever you (because I hope you do) start writing again, I'll be there to show my support.

    Again, all the best -- and good luck with medical school!

    - Robert

  • . . posted 1935 days ago

    . .


    I just have to say -- I love your writing and value your boxing opinion very much. Additionally, I go through your 100 greatest boxers piece very often.

    Are you still writing? If so, please send me a link or something.

    Hope you get this!

    - Robert

  • Nedu Obi posted 2308 days ago

    Nedu Obi

    Hey Dave! Thanks for the props.

  • Amber Lee posted 2310 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Hey new fan :) Thanks for being my fan.


  • Robert Contreras posted 2428 days ago

    Robert Contreras

    Just read your Greatest pound-for-pound boxers list, excellent article. Saw lots of great fighters that most people unfortunately don't know about.
    Also i read your short list and in your All time sports moment you have Chalmers shot from the 2008 tournament not 07.
    I mean no disrespect its a very small mistake and means nothing i just wanted to tell you because i have that as my greatest sports event ever attended.
    An absolute great game. :)

  • 123 456 posted 2456 days ago

    123 456

    How do you make this list when more than half of the fighters on here fought during the time your father was a sperm inside your grandpa's penis?

  • King J posted 2473 days ago

    King J

    Alright guys We doing it once again! Get them into me ASAP deadlines Sat April 30th! GOOD LUCK!

  • Michael Seaton posted 2483 days ago

    Michael Seaton

    hey r u doin that pound 4 pound list part 2