Danny del Soldato

Danny del Soldato

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29-year-old male, from the city famous for its 'two restaurants'.

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  • Matt Stein posted 1225 days ago

    Matt Stein

    Thanks for the edit, Danny. The work is much appreciated on my end.

  • Joseph Watson posted 1227 days ago

    Joseph Watson

    Thanks Danny. Good work.

  • Linus Fernandes posted 1227 days ago

    Linus Fernandes

    Thanks, Danny.

  • Sam Tighe posted 1231 days ago

    Sam Tighe

    Thanks Danny.

  • Derek Horner posted 1231 days ago

    Derek Horner

    Thanks for the hard work, Danny!

  • Imaan Jalali posted 1234 days ago

    Imaan Jalali

    Thanks again, Danny!

  • Calvin W Boaz posted 1238 days ago

    Calvin W Boaz

    Thanks for the edit and feedback.

  • Iam D Real Deal yo posted 1248 days ago

    Iam D Real Deal  yo

    Hey Danny, thanks for the edits and the kind words, much appreciated. :)

  • Harold Friend posted 1250 days ago

    Harold Friend

    Thank you.

  • Nedu Obi posted 1252 days ago

    Nedu Obi

    Thanks Danny! Keep up the good work.