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Long time Detroit Lion fan and NFL junkie with a Digital Mass Media Degree. Sarcastic and witty, with a New Jersey accent to it all. Yankee fan when I actually remember to check the standings.

I'm an avid fan and experienced writer, but I don't claim to be perfect. I'm a fan of the NFL first, so my views might be skewed towards the Lions when I write about the Lions, but I do my best to be unbiased when I write about other teams or sports.

I was raised on Futbol (Soccer to most of you) so I have a close connection with the mechanics of the game, but I haven't followed it closely enough to really consider myself an expert. Knowing the players is just as important as knowing the game. I'll catch the occasional match, but mainly only really go bananas during the World Cup.

Everything I write is based on fact, but written as opinion. I know I won't always agree with everyone, but will always respect your opinion. I write because I love writing.

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