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I'm a graduate from The University of Alabama...yet I'm a die-hard LSU fan. I grew up watching LSU and started attending their games when I was in grade school...the first game I ever went to Alabama smoked LSU 26-0 in Baton Rouge. If you watch the replay of that game, after Shawn Alexander scores a touchdown I'm the goofy kid giving him two thumbs down to his face. Who knew then that those two schools would shape my Saturday afternoons for the rest of my life. But anyway, I love the sport and everything that goes with it. There are even times you can see me rooting for the Tide...but never when the Tigers are on the field!

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  • g t posted 2556 days ago

    g t

    So they shutdown my account. :)

    gt is dead...G Man has risen !! At least until I get my account re-opened. ;)

    But Cara Jost says I have to be contrite and say sorry to the cyber-god in charge and I'm not sure I wanna do that. ;)

    I think for now I'll just skulk around as G Man until I'm ready to swallow my pride. :)

    Anyway, as that crass and offensive asshole gt used to say.

    Rollus Tidus

  • D Monic posted 2560 days ago

    D Monic

    Thanks for the fan-ness Bama ;)