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    Karthik, you're welcome!

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    You're welcome, Karthik! I always enjoy reading your articles.

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    Not a problem, Karthik! Keep up the great work.

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    Sorry about the delay in replying—you're welcome for the edits the other day, Karthik!

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    No problem, Karthik! I'm hoping the Celtics can somehow take out the Heat.

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    You're welcome, Karthik! Keep up the great work with your coverage of the NBA playoffs.

  • casey plunkett posted 2074 days ago

    casey plunkett

    Hey kaveman. This is something I've been working on. I don't know how to write something up in the b/r style were it's broken up in slides. I admit I did not focus enough on the introduction but I focused more on breaking it all up as I originally wrote it in essay fashion. I would likely finish it with my ideal scenario and ask people to comment on their opinion.

    I was wondering on what your thoughts of my work in it's current state. I'd like to get up a finished and polished version but don't really know how to go about it.

  • casey plunkett posted 2074 days ago

    casey plunkett

    part 1
    KG and Ray Allen are under expiring contracts which could signify that Boston looks to rebuild come summer time. It has became apparent that Boston lacks depth in it’s roster even with the Big 4 intact. Because of this a retooling of the roster is inevitable. Here are a few ways The Celtics front office can intelligently go about this Rebuilding Process.

    The draft will be the most important part of Boston rebuilding. This draft is extremely loaded with nba caliber players but there is not likely a player that will come into the league and instantly dominate. Simply put there is no Lebron James or Kevin Durant in this draft. Just to clarify; I do not believe Davis to be the type of player who will come into the league and instantly be dominant force. Lottery teams and Fans alike looking for the next big superstar will have to wait until the next draft in which Nerlens Noel and Shabazz Muhammad will be included.

    The reason the draft is so loaded has a lot to do with the lockout. A mast majority of the top freshman players who on any other year would have been one and done, refrained from declaring for the draft on account of the lockout. Kyrie Irving declared but that was because he was the shoe in 1st pick even though he had been injured. Because the draft is so loaded but without a sure fire superstar it may be best that Boston kept rondo, opposed to trading him, as he has an uncanny ability to make other players better.

    With Bostons draft placement these are the players Boston should pursue.

    Toney Wroten Jr.
    If Boston has any intention having Ray come off the bench then they will need a better facilitator playing the secondary pg role. This is were the acquisition of Tony Wroten Jr. would be huge.I see Wroten bringing the exact advantage as Delonte West minus the negatives of legal and attitude troubles. Tony Wroten Jr. is a combo guard who has improved as a pg. He has been accused of being to unselfish at times but if your looking for a guy to feed Allen the ball that's not necessarily a bad thing. Doc is pretty well accustemed to having a pg that will pass up scoring in the sake of earning the assist. Free throw shooting is one thing that Wroten would need to improve on.On the upside I’ve seen nothing signifying he would have difficulties doing so, in the similar sense that Rondo’s long hands make shots difficult. Wroten is young, so he would have time to improve on his shooting. Wroten is explosive and is an above average rebounder. With Bostons struggles on the boards they’d be smart to look for players who can rebound from the smallest of guys to the tallest. Unlike Wroten, Avery Bradley cannot facilitate and he doesn’t offer much if anything on the offensive end when placed at the point. With his defensive abilities being off the charts he’s been compared to Tony Allen. I think his D would create some trade interest amongst teams that are in dire need of defense.

    Dion Waiters
    By comparison Dion Waiters would be playing a role similar, if not identical, to how Jamal Crawford played in Atlanta. Waiters is an offensive minded combo guard who comes off the bench and is sure to score. Boston rarely gets an offensive production from it’s bench and Waiters very well could single-handedly improve this. As I said Waiters is an offensive first pg so he wouldn’t take Bradely’s place necessarily, but that would be a different for E’twaun Moore. Although Moore is a very cheap option, drafting Waiters would make E’twaun Moore’s presence on the team unnecessary. I do believe Moore will be able to contribute in the future but because of such draft targets Boston should package him along with JaJuan Johnson and trade them on draft day.

    John Jenkins
    As for John Jenkins quit simply he is a perfect fit for Boston. He does have his draw backs but those are out weighed by his upside. At 6’4" he technically undersized for a sg. With that being said he may not be a replacement for Ray Allen or even a starter in the nba, but he is the best shooter in the draft and he’d be a very solid bench player. I feel with his shooting skills and ability to create an open shot through head fakes and hesitation moves, he’d be the perfect player for the sixth man responsibility. He is compared to J.J Redick in his draft profile but since Redick is listed at 190lbs and Jenkins out of college is listed at 215lbs I think Jenkins actually has the body better fit for the NBA. Jenkins has the superior ball handling skills and he can use fakes and hesitation moves to create his own shot were as Redick can not. Jenkins thrives in the half court set. He would be a huge impact off of the bench immediately and learning under Ray Allen may very well guarantee his success at the highest level.
    Here’s a clip that shows a still shot comparison of ray and john jenkins @ 1:30sec

    Fab Melo
    Fab Melo is a defensive minded big and has a strong ability to clean up shots. The negatives he’s given on draft profiles are the doubts in his ability to be an offensive threat on his own. Considering Boston has never had a scoring threat at the 5 since Dave Cowens I don’t see a major problem there. Aside from basketball Fab Melo also prides himself in being a soccer player which could have helped to develop his footwork. There were doubts that he would even declare for the draft because if he played one more season in the ncaa he’d likely lottery pick. Since he was ruled ineligible for the ncaa tournament he’s almost sure to declare for the draft and he’d fall back a few spots making Bostons chances of snatching Fab Melo with the Clippers pick a possibility. Boston should certainly pursue Fab Melo considering his size and potential.

    Terrence Ross
    Terrence Ross the prototypical shooting guard out of UW may very well be boston's ideal draft. UW is the University of Washington. I just wanted to clear that up as it's not likely it to ring a bell for any eastcoast fans. Yes, Ross comes from a small school and it's just by chance he the second player out of UW that I've mentioned as a potential draft target, and I've only mentioned five. There is a difference of selecting the "best available player" and selecting a player that is a good fit for the team. The pairing of Rondo and Terrence Rosswould be a match created by the "Sports Gods". He moves well with out the ball, comes off of screens well and has a smooth stroke. He is athletic and has a frame that could carry more size. He can finish strong at the rim and is a dominant rebounder averaging 6.5 boards in this past season. Look its not likely that Boston will be low enough to select Any high profile players and I call bs on all of the articles that have suggested Boston will have the ability to do so. In my opinion Terrence Ross should be regarded as Bostons ideal pick and happens to be a realistic goal.

  • casey plunkett posted 2074 days ago

    casey plunkett

    part 2 Free Agency
    Boston has a lump sum of cap space about to land on Danny Ainges personal account after the season but Celtics fans should not expect any prolific signings. This summer free agent pool is pretty shallow. With Dwight Howard declining his player option that leaves Deron Williams as the only star player one star player. Considering Boston is set at the pg spot there is little to no chance boston acquires a big name player. Some emerging young player will become restricted free agents but Boston would have to outbid their current team likely causing them to overpay for their services. There isn't a depth of available quality role players either. Danny Ainge has to be very careful to not pick up wasted contracts or worse inflated contracts. The select few players Boston should target are as following:

    potential signings: Landry Fields, Jeff Green, Ersan Ilyasova, Semih Erden, Marcus Camby, Jermaine O'neal?

    The 2 spot may not be the biggest concern for Boston with the recent improvements of Avery Bradley but Danny Ainge will likely look for for a steal of a contract at every position in order to create a team with some depth to it.

    Landry Fields:
    The role Landry Fields’ has with the Knicks is quickly diminishing because J.R Smith was signed and as Shumpert's role increases. The days of the camera closing in on the pregame handshakes between himself and Jeremy Lin and constant in game leaping hip bumps already seem to be a thing of the past. Landry Fields is tall enough, 6’7", to be a very capable defender. However the development on this end has greatly been hindered because he has been coached by D’ antoni, who doesn’t value or even understand the principles of defense. Boston or even Chi should be pursuing Fields because of the stress placed on defense by both coaches. Fields would have the most success with Boston because rondo would be feeding fields with easy looks. Fields may be looked to as a work in progress but that could actually become a positive as he could learn a lot on the defensive end from pierce and he’d have guidance from Ray on shooting. I mean who wouldn’t want to learn from the greatest shooter to ever lace em up?

    Pietrus would be an affordable option and may negate the need to sign a younger more expensive player for the time being. I know the leagues new concussion policy has slowed his return to the lineup I don't doubt that when he returns he will make a positive impact once again. While I do think coming back off of a concussion will not be a huge problem for Pietrus I do think he needs to gain confidence in his knee. If he can show Boston that he would undergo a personal training and further rehab regimen in the offseason, signing him should be a no brainer. At worst he’d be a reserve swingman and could very well be one of the the best player in the league placed in that role.

    Jeff Green:
    Not many fans were high on Jeff Green around the time of the Perkins Trade but are there any fans at this point that wouldn't want to see him make a healthy return to the team? He is a high energy player that is able to play above the rim. He is able to play either forward position and would provide some much needed depth behind Pierce. Boston runs a half court offense but Rondo has shown to be most successful at a slightly higher pace. The best showings of The rookie Johnson and perennial journeyman Wilcox (before his injury) were on the fast brake. Considering Red Auerbach is credited with engineering the fast brake utilizing the defensive abilities of his players and the fact that Rondo and Bradley are perhaps the most capable defensive back court, doc should really look to run a faster pace offense. Jeff Green would be a huge part of bringing the break back to Boston.

    Boston has to solve the front court problem this off season and here a players that can be signed in order to improve this department. Everyone knows that Boston could not rebound for (explicit). If Danny Ainge does his job this off season than rebounding will no longer be a problem.

    Ersan Ilyasova
    Ilyasova has really proven to be a strong post court player putting up double doubles with relative ease. Ilyasova will be the best person help in the rebounding department. The Bucks don't run plays through him, simply he rebounds and makes things happen from there. Although this production won't help Rondo get his assists numbers up I'd figure having one player that can produce without having to be baby fed by Rondo would really help overall proficiency. (Can't you just picture Rondo holding some Gerber baby food?) Drew Gooden is having the best season of his career and is still under contract with the Bucks. In the Andrew Bogut for Monta Ellis trade Milwaukee also acquired the young developing big man Ekpe Udoh. With these to players on the roster the bucks will likely let Ilyasova walk. Rumors that the soon to be Brooklyn Nets will pursue KG and Ilyasova via free-agency so it appears Boston will have to compete for the the services of Ilyasova.

    Semih Erden
    Semih Erden should become on of Bostons free agent targets if the team does not pick up a true center through the draft. He was a steal in the draft as Boston acquire him with the final pick. He is a 7 footer with a large frame. Last season Erden had shown some promise and Boston fans, including myself, were excited to have a young big man. Because of his injuries he along with Harangody were traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, to free up space giving Boston the ability pick up players off coming off of waivers. Not one of those players contributed and in hindsight that trade has to be chalked up with other poor moves made by Danny Ainge. Erden has not meshed well in the Cav's system and if Boston does not pursue him he'd likely make a return to playing overseas. Erden had an ability to run the floor. He had not only the ability to finish but at times he lead the fast break. He is a strong dunker and is more aggressive at getting to the rim than Stiemsma is. It's hard to imagine Stiemsma not making a return next season as he given Boston so much. Stiemsma has sacrificed his body and he story is that of an inspiring underdog Still Erden should be looked at as another affordable option. Last season Erden was babying an injured shoulder and his true potential has not been seen. Stiesmsa has a natural sense of how to block shots but he lacks the ability to rebound and isn't strong one on one defender. With his ability to block shot he is well suited for the zone defense and Semih Erden has the larger frame creating more potential as a one on one defender. The Celtics Pride themselves on defense and Doc would be the coach to utilize both skill sets.

    Marcus Camby
    Many Teams will over look Marcus Camby in this free agency, however Boston should not be one of them. Sure Camby has really racked the miles up during the 15 seasons he has played in but he still finds a way to impact the game. He no longer makes much of an impact in the scoring department but it is on the defensive end were he contributes. His rebounding stats have only slightly declined from a career average of 9.9 to 8.8 on the season. Camby still averages 1.5 blocks per game which gives him the edge over "The Steamroller" by a tenth of a block. Stiemsma has begun to excel coming off the bench as Doc gives him more freedom to get out and earn the block shot. Camby would bring the same advantage along with the severely needed addition of rebounding. Stiemsma and Camby would provide play similar roles but I see no reason why both shouldn't be signed for next season. Siemsma could be given enough minutes so that he can continue o develop and this will keep Camby rested till the post season. Since the 08 title team Boston has looked for a player who can come in and have the same imprint as PJ Brown had brought to the club. Camby will be that player. He'll be available and as they say it's better late than never. Marcus Camby will fit very well with the Boston Celtics and if he sings with them people will have to wonder why it took so long for the former UMASS Minuteman to return to Massachusetts.

    Jermaine O'neal?
    Boston has not waived Jermaine O'neal. While JO nurses injury and recovers from surgery perhaps he may not be ready to fully step away from basketball. Doc Rivers honored Jermaine O'neal calling him the training camps MVP, raving about his positive presence in practice. Jermain O'neal came into the league as a high scoring 20 pts a game PF and as he slowed because of injury he transformed himself into a defensive minded center. Although I would not want to see him brought back as an active player perhaps Boston could look to JO as the 'bigs coach'. Clifford Ray, the former Golden State Warrior, had been the 'bigs coach' for Boston up until 09 when The Celtics front office neglected to resign him. He played a crucial role in the development of Al Jefferson which we know lead to the acquisition of Kevin Garnett. Clifford Ray assisted the development of Kendrick Perkins and Big Baby when KG was out with the injury to his knee. Doc Rivers and KG more often than not are not the easiest people for young players to learn under. The departure of Clifford Ray has left a void in the coaching staff that has yet to be filled. Clifford Ray had recently been signed be the Sacramento Kings to work with the big men. If we see Demarcus Cousins get his head firmly placed onto his shoulders and really utilize his physical gifts do not undermine the contribution made by Clifford Ray. Jermaine O'neal has not yet served as a coach but everyone has to start some were. I believe JO could be the 'Clifford Ray' of the next championship era.

  • casey plunkett posted 2075 days ago

    casey plunkett

    part 3 Trades
    As I feel Boston should avoid any big contracts in this summers free agency market Boston may look to make some sort of a blockbuster trade.

    Trade Target: Klay Thompson
    Klay Thompson is an effective "catch and shoot" player. He would be the perfect person to take over Ray Allen’s role. He and Rondo would be an amazing pair. With Golden state Thompson will be just another player. In Boston Thompson would be a sure fire all time great shooter. Considering the fact that Jason Kidd is number 3 on the all time list for 3’s, I predict Thompson will become number 3 in due time. Thompson, although low profile needs to be targeted by Boston. Thompson has all the potential in the world but likely won’t be accepted by the Warriors fans any time soon as they are so overly upset about the Ellis trade. Golden State needs some scoring at the 4 and curry seems to never stay healthy so perhaps Boston could could trade JaJuan Johnson, Avery Bradley and a future 2nd rounder for Thompson. Because of how much I believe in Thompson I’d be ok with Boston giving up its pick in the 2012 draft for Klay thompson. That could possibly net Klay Thompson and Fab Melo to play along side the big 4.
    a good clip of Thompson shooting.

    Josh Smith: Boston's Biggest Priority
    The biggest target of all for Boston has to be Josh Smith. The wild card in Bostons interest in Smith Is Ryan Anderson. If Ryan Anderson creates a buzz in the free-agency market and Orlando does not match opposing offers that means Dwight Howard has convinced Otis Smith to wait for the following free-agency and sign Josh Smith. Howard and Smith have history together and actually consider themselves to be best friends. They were in the same preschool together, literally, and even Played AAU you basketball ball together on the Atlanta Celtics, literally. Josh Smith is close friends with Rondo. D12 and J-Smoove are best friends and will want to play for the same team. Boston would likely have have more money to offer Smith to have him sign with Boston opposed to Orlando. In Boston Josh Smith and Rondo would undeniably be the future of the celtics. The pairing of Dwight Howard and Josh Smith would create the most athletic front court in basketball. As its unanimously expected that D-Will goes to Dallas over the summer the presence of Dirk prevents Dallas from having the ability to join both smith and howard alongside an all-star point guard. If Boston resigns kg and ray to only one year the team could be in position to join Howard and Smith alongside Rondo creating the next generation Big 3. It may be a stretch of the imagination but its not impossible by an means. Considering Orlando has helped both Boston and Chicago set season records for lowest points allowed in a game have more of the same in Orlando would not be enough to convince Dwight to stay past next season. If boston has absolutely no chance of landing Howard they’d be smart to snatch up Josh Smith even if that is by means of giving him a max contract. A front court of Josh Smith and Kevin Garnett would be a fast and for once a well rebounding team. Playing for Boston would be a night and day contrast with Atlanta for J-Smoove. Already Josh Smith has to compete for points with Joe Johnson and is paired with a pg who doesn’t facilitate much in Jeff Teague. Next season Al Horford will return. As a result of this Josh Smith may very well once again demand a trade. If Boston can trade for Josh Smith that would be better than waiting for free agency because they'd have a chance to extend him before the deadline. Stiemsma, Avery Bradley, and JaJuan Johnson would all fit the bill of affordable young players that Atlanta may be interested in. Bass is under an affordable contract but he does have a player option this summer. If Atlanta shows interest in him perhaps Ainge can work out a sign and trade. The trade scenario revolving around Josh Smith causes further stress on Boston to draft correctly so that the future draft picks can be included in a trade for Josh Smith. Boston has to go all out, acquiring Josh Smith by any means. It will ensure that Rondo remains a franchise player and it creates exciting basketball in Bean Town.