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My names burton and i'm currently attending a local community college. I signed up here to hopefully churn out some of that creative writing heard about during high school.

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  • Andrew Cahill posted 3164 days ago

    Andrew Cahill

    Can you believe this? I feel so violated.


  • Derek Bolender posted 3429 days ago

    Derek Bolender

    Hey Burton. We're always looking for another point of view on MMA. Feel free to write about whatever comes to mind. A fighter, an event, a current trend, whatever. It's real easy to get the articles posted too.

    My only advice is to just make sure you are backing up the points in your articles with examples or facts. I know that seems kind of simple and obvious but that is the bottom line. People are going to comment on your articles. Some good and some bad. If you have ammo to back up your statements then people will respect your opinion and your point of view.

    Feel free to run any topics by me or if you want to send me a draft of one of your articles to dbeastbo@yahoo.com I could look it over for you and offer some suggestions. Let me know. Hope this helps.