Tom Dale

Tom Dale


Hi there and thanks for taking the time to read more about me. I'm a native Pittsburgher that has been trapped in Austin, TX for the past couple of years. How 'bout them Cowboys. Yeah, right.

I have been a football junkie my whole life (all 41 years of it), and insane about the Pittsburgh Steelers since the 1970s. Went to college and played some ball in the 'burgh way back in the day. I am also a sometimes contributor to the Track and Field section of B/R, at least the field part - having competed in the javelin and shot put at the college level as well.

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  • John Bush posted 2501 days ago

    John Bush

    Hey Tom, I was wondering if you could help me out by doing a short on-air interview for WKTN Knightcast UCF's student radio Friday previewing the direction of the Steeler organization in the upcoming NFL Draft? Please let me know by tomorrow through email

  • joseph maher posted 2536 days ago

    joseph maher

    I wrote a comment to Tim K. about why no article has been written about the Steelers getting snubbed in Pro Bowl selections like , no Ben , Wallace, Keesel,Taylor,Timmons,Woodley etc. We had the # 1 rush D ,and only 2 players in the Pro Bowl COME ON MAN ?

  • Vince Egry posted 2543 days ago

    Vince Egry

    Hi Tom! I'm sure Donnie Shell had a longer career than 1978-1982 as you posted in your Top 50 slideshow, because I looked it up!

  • Jonathan Cyprowski posted 2586 days ago

    Jonathan Cyprowski

    Thanks for becoming a fan Tom, I appreciate it man.

  • R. I. B. posted 2598 days ago

    R. I. B.

    Whats up homer? Browns are not on the bottom of the afc north .Take off those piss yellow stained glasses and maybe you could see something.

  • George Visger posted 2626 days ago

    George Visger

    While the NFL and NFLPA are both posturing as they are, regarding who's doing what, for whom, there is a lot more at stake than Millionaires fighting Billionaires. The big question for many of us is; "What in the hell are they going to do about discarded, used ex players such as myself?"

    Twenty nine years since "retiring" from the NFL at age 23 after my first NFL Caused Emergency VP Shunt Brain Surgery and knee surgery, I have now survived 9 emergency VP Shunt brain surgeries, and two more knee surgeries including a GoreTex ACL transplant.

    Brain surgeries # 2 & # 3 occurred May, 82, just 4 months after we won Super Bowl XVI, and not only was I given last rites, I was also given the hospital bills by the 49ers. For nearly 5 years I had creditors on me (while undergoing 2 more knee surgeries to repair what the 49ers butcher never fixed right, and multiple gran mal seizures), and was forced to sue for WORKERS COMP!!!

    Finally won my case in 1986 to get past and future medical paid for. I thank God I won, as I am now on emergency brain surgery # 9, and STILL DON"T QUALIFY FOR NFL BENEFITS.

    Dodged a bullet just last Saturday. Woke up with headaches, which is my life, which got progressively worse during the day. The bulb on the pump on my shunt, which is placed under the skin at the back of my head, was hard and not pumping. This usually means the shunt is not working, (not draining spinal fluid from my brain to my abdomen), which means I will be in a coma shortly and die if not operated on. I postponed my wife taking me to emergency till I posted on Dave Pear's blog, as I wanted to chronicle a typical shunt revision. Typical has meant being in intensive care up to

    For a look at the wonderful life many of us ex-players live, go to the following articles written on me recently, including one by Bleacher Report.

    Sac News and Review Cover story

    NPR: A Brain, A Life, Battered by Football

    Visger Rules – Recommended changes to NFL Rules 071810

    George Visger Interview on KCAA Sports Parade 071210 Regarding NFLPA Poor care of retired players and go to the Sports Parade...

    CNN – Concussions, Visger

    Dave Pear's Blog ‪- 6 visits‬ ‪- Aug 17‬ (Hit George Visger for Difference between working for Kmart and the NFL) - Cached
    Garden City Group
    The Honeymoon's Over
    Alan Schwarz
    George Visger
    Oakland Raiders
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Mike Ditka

    Letter to NFL Commissioner Goodell posted on Dave Pears blog

    How I’ve Managed To Survive So Far – Dave Pears Blog 071810

    George Visger testimony at Senate Hearing on Traumatic Brain Injuries navCatId=5 (click on: Top Stories - Silent Epidemic Part 2)
    George Visger 2/2/10 (click on Smart People)

    George Visger
    Brain Damaged Wildlife Biologist/Motivational Speaker
    Visger & Associates, Environmental Consulting

    SF 49ers 80 & 81 (Super Bowl)
    Survivor of 9 NFL Caused Emergency VP Shunt Brain Surgeries
    Benefactor of ZERO NFL Benefits
    Bleacher Report – Head Injury Cover Ups in NFL & My 9 Brain Surgeries 2/10 my-9-brain-surgeries/edit?show=events

  • Red Shannon posted 2636 days ago

    Red Shannon

    I appreciate the fan add, Tom.
    And right back at ya.

  • Red Shannon posted 2636 days ago

    Red Shannon

    Hey Tom
    Don't know if you're aware of it yet but your T&F article was picked up by Track and Field News (online).


  • Dave Gentry posted 2636 days ago

    Dave Gentry

    Top Eight Field Athletes. Loved it. I might have selected Brumel in the HJ and Saneyev in the TJ.