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Derek Crouse


Derek Crouse lives about 100 miles south of Chicago. He writes a weekly column covering national sports debate and covers some high school football for a weekly newspaper called the Lone Tree Reader since August 2010. He has a childlike passion for sports and tries to be objective and entertaining while still informative in his writing. He can be contacted at

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  • Derek Crouse posted 2571 days ago

    Derek  Crouse

    Yes the Giants game proved that the Bears are vulnerable to the four man rush, but the Seahawks, Redskins, and Packers (others as well) proved teams can use the secondary and LBs to zone dog and shift coverages to throw off the reads for the offense.
    For the Vanilla offense excuse...Leaving starters in when Cutler is blindsided is far from vanilla. And throwing into tight windows and running slants and spread offenses isn't very vanilla either. Why would anybody say Sunday was a vanilla offense. I want to know.
    All phases of the team has improved, but the o-line hasn't improved enough. I want to be wrong, but they have to prove it to me. Manu was supposed to be a blocking tight end and he hasn't earned that "hefty contract" by no means. Where has Des Clark been?.He is getting older but he could show his worth in the postseason if utilized. Don't pull a "Cedric Benson" and play Manu just bc of his salary!
    In the parity ridden NFC, this January could be up for grabs. Would you put $1,000 on any of these games. NO/ATL, PHI/GB, CHI/PHI, NO/PHI? All NFC teams have flaws and it is the job of the coaches to expose them.
    If the Bears get takeaways like in '06, keep the turnovers low make sound decisions on 2nd & short and 3rd downs, they could surprise the nation.

  • Glenn Card posted 2681 days ago

    Glenn Card

    Hi Derek,
    I saw that you were in editing my article, "Fans Perspective". Don't know whats up with the tag selection page but I couldn't select NFL, Patriots or AFC East. I would appreciate it if you could fix that for me. And thanks for any clean up that was needed.
    Glenn Card