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  • Small Fundamental posted 1476 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    Miami Heat organisation isn't an athlete you stupid b**ch.


  • Kevin McRae posted 1497 days ago

    Kevin McRae

    I think one of two things happens here for Broner and I'm hoping for the first one:

    Either, he takes this as a humbling experience and stops trying to be something he's not (Mayweather). He gets back in the gym, focuses more on boxing and less on talking and he rebounds early next year. He has tremendous physical gifts. You don't win three world titles without them. But his problem is his mental makeup.

    Or this is the moment he comes completely undone. I can understand why he'd want the immediate rematch. He's smart enough to realize the major PR hit he's taken with his talk before, actions during and then after the fight. If I were his team, I'd really look more into moving him back down in weight. His power really hasn't transitioned to welterweight. He tagged Malignaggi with some big shots but didn't seem to have him in any serious trouble, and he couldn't crack Maidana.

    Given his running out of the ring after the decision was read—as opposed to taking it like a man—and his continued trash talk postfight, I'm hopeful for the first one but not optimistic.