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I am a huge football fan. My father taught me the X's and O's of football, and I am so grateful for those lessons. I often re-watch football games and try to see where strengths and weaknesses of the teams are. I consider myself a student of the game, and am happy to discuss it anytime!

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  • Jonathan McDanal posted 2174 days ago

    Jonathan McDanal

    Thanks for the comment on my 2013 article. Once I found the well-hidden Artie Burns videos, his info made a LOT more sense. :)

  • Paul Grantland posted 2176 days ago

    Paul Grantland

    I appreciate your help, regardless. I will see what I can find out and I will let you know if I do find out anything. Thanks again. Roll Tide !!

  • Jonathan McDanal posted 2181 days ago

    Jonathan McDanal

    Brian Clark posted a YouTube link on my "Commitment to Excellence" article. At 8:25-8:45 on the video is A.J. poking Trent in the chest followed by T. Rich's TD and his encounter with Ingram on the sideline right after.

    I knew those were some of your favorite moments during the game, and thought you'd like to see them again.

    On a related note, Brian's video is very good. If you have 10 minutes or so, I'd actually suggest watching it. (Unless you already have.)

  • Paul Grantland posted 2182 days ago

    Paul Grantland

    Thanks for your help Jacqueline! =)

  • Paul Grantland posted 2184 days ago

    Paul Grantland

    Hey Jacqueline! I was wondering if you could help me figure something out with this new format. How can you tell who has " liked " a comment that you post. I see the number but can't figure out how to tell who liked it. Can you help?? Thanks in advance! :)

  • Jonathan McDanal posted 2186 days ago

    Jonathan McDanal

    Thanks for the comment on my most recent. I got it assigned, since they rotate the big stories around. My deficiency in the world of football is not having grown up in it. I grew up in music. (Won a few nationals myself.)

    I'm very busy filling in my knowledge gaps, and recruiting is one of the bigger ones at the moment. (I never gave much heed to a high-school junior/senior saying he was going to X school, I usually waited for National Signing Day to really start paying attention.)

    As a writer, I no longer enjoy that luxury, and will be much more knowledgeable in the future. :)

  • Paul Grantland posted 2189 days ago

    Paul Grantland

    You are very welcome. You are the kind of fan that I love to talk football with. You see WAY more than the scoreboard at the end of the fourth quarter, that's for sure. I noticed one comment a couple of weeks ago, where you stated that you often watch the replay of a game two or three times over the weekend, breaking down plays and etc. and that is something that I like to do as well. I will pause and rewind, play, pause and rewind, play, over and over again. LOL I like watching the play develop as well as the players instincts. I look forward to talking football with you. Pops did a great job....

  • Jenny McMurrey posted 2195 days ago

    Jenny McMurrey

    Yes, I'm more of an artsy person than a sports person, but I like listening to him talk about it because it makes him happy, and I like reading his articles because it's something that he loves. I even enjoy watching football games now, because thanks to Jimmy I know what's going on most of the time. Haha.

  • Jenny McMurrey posted 2195 days ago

    Jenny McMurrey

    This is Jimmy's wife. I just want to say thank you for supporting his articles. :)

  • Jonathan McDanal posted 2198 days ago

    Jonathan McDanal

    Huge fan of the feedback I get from you and the other 'Bama faithful! You guys keep me constantly heading in a mutually favorable direction, and that's crucial in this field.