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  • Donovan Griffin posted 13 hours ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    ''Rollins is the GOAT based on his raw talent, not creative's mishandling of him. He beat two legends cleanly though.''

    Please,,, he's lucky 2 even land in the top 100 GOAT list. Sting is way past it... and John Morrison + Shelton Benjamin was just as good... but they creatively screwed them over. So it wasn't just Rollins.

  • Down Under posted 4 days ago

    Down Under

    manchester united eh? hmmmm interesting

  • Patrick B posted 8 days ago

    Patrick B

    Although worried, we'll get some Bellas match. Creative sure love giving them matches of importance when it really should be others.

  • Y2J Is G.O.AT posted 11 days ago

    Y2J Is G.O.AT

    Ronda Rousey has been defeated!

  • Y2J Is G.O.AT posted 12 days ago

    Y2J Is G.O.AT

    Do you think Seth would be good as a single star baby face? He's been such a great heel it feels like he was born to be one! I know he's a high-flyer which can electrify the crowd, but that might be just that. And also why do you think yes or no?

  • Ashley Jensen posted 13 days ago

    Ashley Jensen

    Have a fun weekend Sasha.

  • Dark Side posted 13 days ago

    Dark Side

    Seth's injury is a terrible thing.
    Rollins City FC > Sasha City FC.
    What do you think about this WHC No.1 contender tournament?

  • Patrick B posted 13 days ago

    Patrick B

    Ideal Mania match for the women? I'd love Becky vs Sasha.

  • Down Under posted 14 days ago

    Down Under

    yes he will. and most likely face! it will be glorious!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scorched Earth posted 14 days ago

    Scorched Earth

    Completely agree,The Bellas have to get out of the Spotlight,and let the other Women Wrestlers shine.