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  • Doctor Cube posted 11 hours ago

    Doctor Cube

    Hey, I wanted to ask you, do you play fantasy soccer? I know fantasy sports are a big deal in the US, and I thought you might be a part of it. It's something I've always wanted to try and I thought you could give me a few tips.

  • WHY WAS SETH EVEN DISQUALIFIED! AND WHEN? WWE you turds haha, couldnt believe it big time trolled by WWE it was briefly an unbelievable wonderful moment when Dean won, im so sick of the Authority

  • Spider Man posted 1 day ago

    Spider Man

    hey man, long time no speak

  • Matt Rogers posted 2 days ago

    Matt Rogers

    What's there not to like about the realest guy in the room? He's the only man in the world who is both a certified G and a certified charisma donor. I was bummed that he and Big Cass couldn't win the NXT Tag titles but I think they'll get them eventually. The 2 of them get some of the biggest pops out of anyone on NXT.

  • Ms. Striker Outta Nowhere posted 2 days ago

    Ms. Striker Outta Nowhere

    Oh and you were right to warn me about you-know-who. What a brat. I shouldve been more attentive. WWE is best!

  • Ms. Striker Outta Nowhere posted 2 days ago

    Ms. Striker Outta Nowhere

    Dashing, isn;t it?

  • Y2B posted 3 days ago


    Oh man! I love that song! Do you happen to play FIFA as well? If so, we should perhaps do a friendly season sometime!

  • Evenflow posted 5 days ago


    It is surprising that Reigns wont have a match Sunday. I think he is going to get involved in the main event in some way. He is not going to let the night end without Superman Punching somebody.

  • Matt Murdock posted 5 days ago

    Matt Murdock

    Which is why its awesome. All superhero films and movies are all about ladadadeda superhero comes day is saved.

    Daredevil is much MUCH darker and shows the true side.

  • Matt Murdock posted 5 days ago

    Matt Murdock

    Well... I'm formerly known as Small Fundamental lol. Nice to meetya

    Don't want to be a smarta**, lol... But Orange is the New Black and Daredevil are both rated MA for Mature only.

    Daredevil is NOT for kids, man... There are brutal and graphic action scenes