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  • Patrick B posted 3 hours ago

    Patrick B

    All hail lord and saviour De Gea. Man Utd started strong, a lot more energy than Chelsea but flagged a bit as the game went on allowing Chelsea to play more. De Gea pulled off some wonderful saves to keep us in it, but we should have converted our early dominance into a 2-0 lead. De Gea was man of the match for me, keeping him last summer was hugely important. I think Louis van Gaal's time is going to be up shortly, although not too excited about a Mourinho Man Utd.

  • Australian posted 10 hours ago


    Hey there Julia. No problems. Thank you. Wrestlemania season is going to be as epic as always. Can't wait.

  • Bobbi posted 11 hours ago


    BPL ???

  • Doctor Cube posted 13 hours ago

    Doctor Cube

    Hey Julia, What's up? How do you feel about the Cheslea Man U draw?

  • Sasha Banks For Divas Champ posted 16 hours ago

    Sasha Banks For Divas Champ

    OMG, it's Julia! I apologize, you're one of my favorite BR users, I did this because for months I was posting and you did not respond, and every day you had people posting, i was like "do they realize she probably does not care anymore", sorry.

  • Dave posted 16 hours ago


    "Who is the TNA Guy"?

    I don't know to be honest, but he's amazing. I love that guy. His names are some of the most entertaining things I've ever read in the Comment Section. My personal favorite was when he went by the name " TNA is For REAL MEN" haha. Unfortunately, I haven't seen him around here all that much :(

  • Scorched Earth posted 17 hours ago

    Scorched Earth

    Hello Julia,how have you been?

  • Colton G posted 17 hours ago

    Colton G

    Yeah, I'm ready. "Eye" can't wait to see what happens to Carl.

  • Red Devil Woman posted 17 hours ago

    Red Devil Woman

    Which one of you is the TNA Guy because you are brilliant.

  • Sasha Banks For Divas Champ posted 4 days ago

    Sasha Banks For Divas Champ

    People, stop posting on Julia's bulletin board, she obviously does not care about it anymore.