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  • FWP Jr and LeeXD posted 35 minutes ago

    FWP Jr and  LeeXD


  • The ANNA posted 18 days ago

    The ANNA

    Congratulations, you are invited to the WWE and NXT PPV prediction community, courtesy of the one and only ANNA. Prove your superior match outcome prediction skills - that is, if you have any. Or just back down from the challenge of all challenges. CHOOSE... YOUR... DESTINY!

    (If the page is shown in German, you can easily change it from DE to EN at the bottom of the page.)

  • Doctor Cube posted 53 days ago

    Doctor Cube

    Hey Julia, what's up?

  • The ANNA posted 54 days ago

    The ANNA

    I just knew Madrid would win the Champions League! Ha! Good for Zidane, he's always been my favorite player. Now he rocks as a coach. Yay.

  • Australian posted 61 days ago


    Corbin squashes Ziggler
    The Miz wins cheap
    Jericho submits Ambrose
    Rusev crushes Kalisto
    Charlotte wins clean
    The Vaudevillians in an upset

  • The ANNA posted 64 days ago

    The ANNA

    Hey Red Devil, are you interested in joining our little BR Comment Section betting game for the European Football Championships? Till now, it's just me and Doc Cube, I'm trying to get some others as well. Any ideas who might be willing to take part?

    Here's the link to the website where I created our little betting community:

    (Could be that the site is shown in German when you visit it, you can easily change the language at the bottom of the page, just click on DE and choose a language)

  • The ANNA posted 68 days ago

    The ANNA

    Guess who's back, back again...Can't hold the Future Club down!

  • Nova Kingway posted 70 days ago

    Nova Kingway

    Hey there, Anna here. My Omega account is glitching to hell. Hope they'll be able to fix it, and if not, they'll have to find out what comes after Omega. Meet my Alter Ego, Nova Kingway.

  • Australian posted 72 days ago


    Hey Julia. How's things? Not sure how I ever un fanned you but apparently I did. Resurrected that immediately. Have a great day.

  • Australian posted 82 days ago


    Besides," said Suriyawong. "This was not a rescue operation." 
    "What was it, target practice? 
    "Chinese skeet?" 
    "An offer of transportation to an invited guest of the Hegemon," said Suriyawong. 
    "And the loan of a knife."
    Achilles held up the bloody thing, dangling it from the point. "Yours?" he asked. 
    "Unless you want to clean it," said Suriyawong. 
    Achillese handed it to him. Suriyawong took out his cleaning kit and wiped down the blade, then began to polish it. 
    "You wanted me to die," said Achilles quietly.
    "I expected you to solve your own problems," said Suriyawong.

    Enzo & Cass 
    The Miz