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  • The Future Is Now posted 1 hour ago

    The Future Is Now

    All hail Julia and the women's revolution on the comment section!

  • Dave posted 13 hours ago


    lol indeed he is. The TNA Guy is probably the greatest heel we have ever seen here at B/R. As for Janice, I for one enjoyed her new "gimmick". Although it appears that she's no longer Janice..

  • Reyna Loves Bryan posted 1 day ago

    Reyna Loves Bryan

    Del Rio is a Real Madrid fan.

  • Reyna Loves Bryan posted 1 day ago

    Reyna Loves Bryan

    Reyna is the best. I'm better than Van Gaal.

  • Doctor Cube posted 1 day ago

    Doctor Cube

    LVG si the kind of coach who's great to give a quick boost to an already successful team, a transition coach but not one to rebuild around. Wherever he's been these last few years, his first season was the best. Him leaving seems like an inevitability. But Mou coming in should be interesting.

  • Ashley Jensen posted 1 day ago

    Ashley Jensen

    WWE putting HHH as champ made me disappointed. They show no support to the talent. I am waiting for Sasha to become champ at WM32. Hopefully HHH will be dethroned soon too!

  • Sasha Banks For Divas Champ posted 1 day ago

    Sasha Banks For Divas Champ

    I am exited for WM, I want H vs Lesnar two so badly, but at the same time I want Ambrose to get a title shot!!! Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks could dethrone Charlotte, Taker's last match, the New Day could lose their titles(not that I want them too), and it could be the night of Kevin Owens, so much to be happy for. But I know it's not good to be assume and be pessimistic all the time, but WWE is known for squashing all hope and excitement, so I will do with Dilbert likes to say a lot and "Temper my expectations", how do you feel about WM?

    And BTW I am Adamley Jonesses, Suplex Owens Suplex remember those accounts?

  • Scorched Earth posted 1 day ago

    Scorched Earth

    That is good to hear,i am doing well,yes i m

  • Reyna Loves Bryan posted 2 days ago

    Reyna Loves Bryan

    I'm not a troll. TNA is the truth.

  • Evenflow posted 3 days ago


    Hey, why did you stop watching Total Divas? I thought you were a fan of the Bella life.