Brady is SAWFT

Brady is SAWFT

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  • Edward posted 2 hours ago


    Since he isn't going to tell me, what went down between you 2?

    Punk's one of my favs of all time. Don't care about his walkout.

    He responded like 2 months ago lol. Couldn't be fucked awesering him till now lol

  • MOTN: Tag Team match.

  • Y2B posted 1 day ago


    It doesn't matter what it smells like!!!

  • UltraMantis Black posted 2 days ago

    UltraMantis Black

    Yeah it has been my main sport with basket ball all my life. It's not that I don't like PSG, I just don't care for them, but I'm happy for them when they succeed in the Champions League. I've never watched much MLS though, I've seen a couple of Galaxy games but that's it. I find american players very underrated, Landon Donovan should have had a way better european career, and a guy like Michael Bradley is talented enough to play there as well.

    I should tell you though that I've spent my whole football fan life hating Man United. But I have a ton of Red Devils fans friends, so I can still have civil conversations about them.

    I use a website that streams pretty much every sport you can think of called On TV it's usually the same 7 or 8 teams over and over, and a couple of years back, I decided that every season I would pick 20 european teams and watch at least one game of each team, as a way not to see the same players everytime. So I kind of have to go through a streaming device and atdhe is free and the quality isn't bad (adblock is a must though).

    Of course I love Enzo, who doesn't? Although there are already haters of Owens and Zayn on this site, so Enzo probably has a few too. Did you see Unstoppable?

  • Evenflow posted 2 days ago


    TNA has been cancelled. They will need to find a new home in September. If they did it once. They can do it again, right?

    Bellas Rule :)

    Velvet Sky Rules :)

  • Evenflow posted 4 days ago


    Do you really think Brady is S A W F T SAAAAAAWWWWWFFFT(Cass voice)

  • Did you like it? how was your live experience?

  • Yeah i agree bout Naomi she is crazy athletic i think she deserves the title, I think she needs a better finisher it's just a comedy move nearly anyone could do

  • Payback was amazing, i cant believe how i enjoyed, from the oppening contest to the main event it was so entertaining even the Divas match was nice, the only low point i would say was rusev vs cena the match kind of dragged for moment but still was a great match.

  • I didn't see your message until after Payback, but I predicted all on the main card correctly apart from Divas match.