Brady is SAWFT

Brady is SAWFT

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  • Matt Rogers posted 6 hours ago

    Matt Rogers

    Not really. Im also always a fan of anything involving Enzo Amore too

  • Stone Cold Evenflow posted 7 hours ago

    Stone Cold Evenflow

    Thanks, a 10/10 is a very high score XD. Is Austin one of your favorites? He is definitely one of my top five all-time favorites!

    You have any picks for the Elimination Chamber matches? I would like to see New Day win, and I would like to see The Mighty Rusev win too!

  • Matt Murdock posted 8 hours ago

    Matt Murdock

  • Matt Murdock posted 8 hours ago

    Matt Murdock

    Lol I don't know about OITNB since I don't watch it, but the 2 highest rated Netflix shows are House of Cards and Daredevil.

    House of Cards was leading until about 3 days ago when Daredevil jumped them.

    Now Daredevil is the best rated TV show on Netflix ;)

  • Heard the fifa arrest fiasco?

  • Matt Rogers posted 1 day ago

    Matt Rogers

    OMG your name. I love it

  • Barca, Bayern, Real Madrid, Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea. Our two favourite clubs win lol. Who are you supporting on champions league finals?

  • Y2B posted 4 days ago


    Sounds like an ideal response for The Rock!

  • UltraMantis Black posted 4 days ago

    UltraMantis Black

    I did like David Beckham. His pretty boy image didn't do him a favor and had a lot of people sour on him, but his free kicks and long range passing skills always blew me away. Today, the brand Beckham is more well-known than the player, and it's a bit sad because at the right flank of MU's midfield, he truly was a marvel to watch.

    I loved Unstoppable. My two favourite women in WWE going at it and Joe stopping by had me marking out like a baby. I can't wait for EC now that Owens has been added to the mix, and that WWE really seems to officially treat NXT like its own brand.

  • Edward posted 4 days ago


    Since he isn't going to tell me, what went down between you 2?

    Punk's one of my favs of all time. Don't care about his walkout.

    He responded like 2 months ago lol. Couldn't be fucked awesering him till now lol