Brady is SAWFT

Brady is SAWFT

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  • Y2B posted 18 hours ago


    It doesn't matter what it smells like!!!

  • UltraMantis Black posted 1 day ago

    UltraMantis Black

    Yeah it has been my main sport with basket ball all my life. It's not that I don't like PSG, I just don't care for them, but I'm happy for them when they succeed in the Champions League. I've never watched much MLS though, I've seen a couple of Galaxy games but that's it. I find american players very underrated, Landon Donovan should have had a way better european career, and a guy like Michael Bradley is talented enough to play there as well.

    I should tell you though that I've spent my whole football fan life hating Man United. But I have a ton of Red Devils fans friends, so I can still have civil conversations about them.

    I use a website that streams pretty much every sport you can think of called On TV it's usually the same 7 or 8 teams over and over, and a couple of years back, I decided that every season I would pick 20 european teams and watch at least one game of each team, as a way not to see the same players everytime. So I kind of have to go through a streaming device and atdhe is free and the quality isn't bad (adblock is a must though).

    Of course I love Enzo, who doesn't? Although there are already haters of Owens and Zayn on this site, so Enzo probably has a few too. Did you see Unstoppable?

  • Evenflow posted 1 day ago


    TNA has been cancelled. They will need to find a new home in September. If they did it once. They can do it again, right?

    Bellas Rule :)

    Velvet Sky Rules :)

  • Evenflow posted 3 days ago


    Do you really think Brady is S A W F T SAAAAAAWWWWWFFFT(Cass voice)

  • Did you like it? how was your live experience?

  • Yeah i agree bout Naomi she is crazy athletic i think she deserves the title, I think she needs a better finisher it's just a comedy move nearly anyone could do

  • Payback was amazing, i cant believe how i enjoyed, from the oppening contest to the main event it was so entertaining even the Divas match was nice, the only low point i would say was rusev vs cena the match kind of dragged for moment but still was a great match.

  • I didn't see your message until after Payback, but I predicted all on the main card correctly apart from Divas match.

  • Dave posted 3 days ago


    No problem.

  • Dangggggg. Look at him. posted 3 days ago

    Dangggggg. Look at him.

    I didn't see it. You were there right? Did you have fun?