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I like to dance. I cook a mean ahi tuna. My eyelashes are longer than they should be. My favorite kind of animal is the penguin. My grandma is just like the grandma off the Beverly Hillbillies, which is why I love her. I would rather be a ninja than a pirate. Leonardo will always be the sweetest Ninja Turtle. Paul Bunyon was my favorite story-book character. I might be the greatest kisser in the world. I will prove it. Winnie the pooh was my favorite cartoon until I was 7. I start books for fun and never finish them. 'On time' seems five minutes early to me. If I'm not listening to you, then I am day-dreaming about something much more interesting. If you can get a 100% on an advanced calculus test, you care too much about numbers. In the future, I have to marry a woman who can cook. I would rather do the dishes. I get my sense of humor from my dad, which is why we both laugh at our own jokes; if they weren't funny to us, we wouldn't have said anything. I get my soft heart from my mom, which is why I cry whenever the main animal character dies in movies. I asked my grandpa if the knife he sharpened for me when I was eight was sharp. He told me to try cutting my finger. I didn't understand that he was joking. In the country, fun is a seven year old tying a sled onto to the back of the ten year old neighbor's snowmobile, and seeing how big of a jump he could go off before breaking the sled from his dad's childhood. Six feet. I believe that somewhere in the universe that we have explored less than 1/10% of, there is some other form of life. I believe in Karma. I'm color blind, which gives me the ability to see unicorns. If reading this made you laugh or forget your problems, even for a second, then you have a pretty good idea of who I am. Life is good, and even when it isn't, it goes on.

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