Matt Hedge

Matt Hedge


Hey, my name is Matt. I'm a university student, taking sports administration at Laurentian University. I enjoy writing about sports, generally hockey, but I also have quite a bit of knowledge on baseball and football as well.

My teams are: the Toronto Maple Leafs for hockey, the New Orleans Saints for football, and the Detroit Tigers for baseball.

Anyway, my life is sports; playing them, watching them, reading about them, writing bout them and thinking about them. I love sports. But one thing I love about sports is trying to field the best team possible, not just trying to be a good team but being the best team and being much better than the other teams. I love the competitiveness that comes from sports.

As I said, one of the things I love about sports is fielding the best team. That being said, I often think what different professional teams, not just my own teams, could do to improve themselves and become very good teams. I think about the various trades, signings and other roster moves that teams could do to improve themselves, and I always make sure that the trades are realistic and fair.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my writing and my opinions.

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  • Will Osgood posted 1991 days ago

    Will Osgood

    Thanks for the article 'like' Matt. That was actually one of my favorite articles I've written in a while and I think one of my best. Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Will Osgood posted 2133 days ago

    Will Osgood

    Hey Matt,

    Thanks for reaching out! I thought you kept very fair arguments and didn't go crazy. I obviously appreciate that. Disagreeing is okay. Heck, it's possible there's a disagreement going on in the Saints building about many things that we as outsiders and fans may be disagreeing over. As long as it's orderly and people don't hate each other after it's all good.