Rob Webb

Rob Webb


I like to eat raisins while climbing in trees. I'm an excellent swimmer. I fall out of trees into the water on a daily basis. People say I look wierd, but it's probably because I'm a sloth.

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  • Jordan Massey posted 1644 days ago

    Jordan Massey

    are you alated to Kirk webb

  • Scott Fitzsimmons posted 2931 days ago

    Scott Fitzsimmons

    Hey Rob! That is quite the list of enforcers! When do we get to see #3-#1?

  • L.J. Burgess posted 3413 days ago

    L.J. Burgess

    I'm your fan now because I'm going to get to see Dave Schultz' name soon eh?

  • Ian Ott posted 3423 days ago

    Ian Ott

    No worries. That's a fair mistake. It's not like you said 140 PIM.

  • Ian Ott posted 3424 days ago

    Ian Ott

    No man, he had 141 assists.

    245 seems like way too many points for Domi, but that's it. Actually, I don't really know what made me check in the first place.

  • Ken Armer posted 3431 days ago

    Ken Armer

    The Hockey fights category i a major sub-topic. On that premise I would assume there isn't an algorithm within Bleacher Reports code to calculate top writers for it. If your looking to become a top writer in your own way, it could easily be done covering the Florida Panthers, they are in need of coverage on here, they have no Community Leader, and no real devoted writers.

    If i can be of anymore help, lemme know.

  • Alan Bass posted 3436 days ago

    Alan Bass

    nah i think you should. i've written over 200 articles, i want to give other people a chance. work your magic. also, do u have aim? if you do, go online and IM me, im on now

  • Alan Bass posted 3436 days ago

    Alan Bass

    what would you like written about him? and you should do it, you are a good writer, i want to see you get very active in all aspects of the NHL

  • Greg Caggiano posted 3436 days ago

    Greg Caggiano

    Welcome to BR man! Great to see we have another young writer on our hands!

  • Ken Armer posted 3437 days ago

    Ken Armer

    Hi Rob,

    Welcome to Bleacher Report! My name is Ken and I am one of the NHL Community Leaders on here, I just wanted to let you know that if you have any questions or comments about Bleacher Report just drop me a line on my profile, or email me at

    You have some great articles so far, keep up the great work.