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  • Josh McCain posted 1358 days ago

    Josh McCain

    KC, where you been man? I see you on Twitter, but haven't seen an article from you since June.

  • Keith Heisler posted 1364 days ago

    Keith Heisler

    Hey KC with all the clowns at it again talking about how bad the skins suck! we cant draft, we over pay, we sign over the hill players, we have no QB. Wtf doesn't anyone pay attention to football or do they just love to say the same shit year in and year out. It's driving me insane, We signed 15 pic's this year how much younger can we get! I think it's time for a nice refreshing article from someone who knows what the hell their talking about. What do you say!

  • Zachary Bryant posted 1391 days ago

    Zachary Bryant

    Just wanted to say, I really enjoy your optimism on your article for the 'Skins. I've been watching and pulling for the Redskins since 2005 and it's great to see someone hopes as much as I do. I love your articles. Keep it up.

  • Maria Cane posted 1633 days ago

    Maria Cane

    Check out my new article!