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  • Bobbi posted 285 days ago


    Are you still using Fox. B/R has fixed most of their problems, yet, it is a different product than it was before. I agree... People are... an interesting lot.

  • Tim Owens posted 377 days ago

    Tim Owens


  • Will posted 446 days ago


    Tim who ???

    Well . . . mister know everything . . . what do you have to say for yourself now ???


  • Stud Lee posted 512 days ago

    Stud Lee

    It is Bobbi.
    For some reason, Tebow has picked up another couple million supporters,
    Down deep, they want the nice guy to win.

    You know, you and I are not the cause or origin of his immense popularity, or ruined his career........but there are those who want to make it seem that way.
    People interesting lot.

  • Bobbi posted 513 days ago


    Stud: How are you?
    As for me, I think it is a sad day in the NFL.

  • Will posted 514 days ago


    Stay tuned.

  • Bobbi posted 523 days ago


    Stud: In case the B/R article closes down before you
    see my answer to your question, I brought it to you:

    Stud: You have to ask what I find offensive?

    I find it offensive that you seriously think one can't put
    Rex's name in the same sentence as Belichick!

    Will: "You seriously did not put Rexy's name in the
    same sentence as Bill Belechick.
    Oh wow."

  • Dan Tavern posted 535 days ago

    Dan Tavern

    Thanks for the note. That makes no sense for either of them to criticize Tebow. A Broncos fan should have been happy with him. A Jets fan should have been upset that Rex wouldn't give him a try. Some people aren't happy unless they're slinging acid, I guess.

  • Marc Freshman posted 591 days ago

    Marc Freshman

    Thanks very much, Stud, greatly appreciated.

  • Will posted 622 days ago



    You seem like a fairly intelligent person.

    The reason I comment on the Tim Tebow articles is . . . YOU.

    And . . . others like you.

    Once you and the other Tebow fanatics leave our team page . . . I will not be following you or Tebowmania anywhere.

    Until then . . . I will defend the Jets against all your nonsense.