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  • Donovan Griffin posted 1 day ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    Bat: Do you expect the Super Bowl commercials ( Nation Wide jingle ) to be amazing? You can answer on THAT page.

    Amazing is a questionable word 4 Sunday. I do expect 2 or 3 to have me rolling with laughter. Oh... and movie ads overload. PREPARE FOR THAT.

  • PS4L posted 3 days ago


    The big play in that game was a 73 yard touchdown pass from Terry Bradshaw to John Stallworth it was a beautiful play, Stallworth beat 3 defenders and gave the Steelers 24/19 lead in the 4th quarter. Later Franco Harris scored from a yard out giving the Steelers a 31/19 victory. The game was close until the 4th quarter, Lynn Swann also had a touchdown catch. I remember the game was played in the Rose Bowl with a crowd of 103,000 people. And the Rams Jack Youngblood played the game with a broken leg. Check it out on Youtube Stallworth's catch is beautiful.

    It's my personal favorite but you're right Super Bowl 43 was a more exciting game. I've noticed Ben does point with both arms but I never noticed him pointing with just one. The game's changed so much in the last 30 years, now they have sub packages and so many substitions you can't keep up with it. Cam Heywood and Stepon Tuitt ane complaining about being on the feild to much. The old steel curtian played every down, every game. The big thing was pulling a linebacker and inserting a 5th D.B. the nickle back. Can you imagine playing a game with a broken leg/ Lol it's no wonder players are all messed up when they hit their mid forties.

  • PS4L posted 6 days ago


    IDK Bobbi, I always' thought super bowl 14 against the Rams was the best, but you're right the game against the Cardinals went down to the last 35 seconds. Who will it be this year? My money's on Cam. Is this the year we get a cornerback in the 1st. round?

    I think so, even Mr. Rooney says the pass defense needs a big ungrade! ( I wonder if we re sign Antwon Blake.....the poster boy for bad pass defense? ).

  • I think the Panthers are going to win. Sometimes everything just clicks one year and it's a magical year. They remind me a lot of my Seahawks in 2014 when we won it all. I don't like Cam and Peyton equally so really don't care much for this Super Bowl. I will be somewhat rooting for the Panthers just for Kuechly but that's about it.

  • Now ladies, ladies please, let's keep this bickering down. You two are on about a level ten right now and I need you to tone that down to about a level 4.

  • Donovan Griffin posted 11 days ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    Sorry about the Steelers... but Denver's D was no joke.

  • PS4L posted 11 days ago


    I feel the same way Bobbi, I thought we survived the injuries and were in good shape for the playoffs. WRONG! The Cincinatti goon squad took care of that! I hope we get some payback next year! I think A.B. took himself out of that playoff game, yet he was mugging all over social media. But I guess the brain's nothing to risk so I can't blame him.I think we'd have won the AFC but I don't see us getting past Cam in super bowl 50. It's their time ( so glad to I'm sick to death of the Seahawks ).

  • PS4L posted 13 days ago


    You could be right Bobbi, Im', sick to death of Manning/Brady But I think if Fitzgerald Toussaint doesn't fumble we win against Denver. I have no interest for the Super Bowl now, All though I do hope the Panthers win they've had an incredible year and all the people ragging on Cam Newton make me sick

    I hope we have a good draft and avoid the horrible injuries we had this year, fingers crossed that the Cincinatti goon squad doesn't bust us up again. I'm also hoping Burflict gets carted off the field in pre-season! He doesn't deserve to play in the NFL...

  • Scorched Earth posted 18 days ago

    Scorched Earth

    That's very good to hear,You're welcome Bobbi :)

  • PS4L posted 19 days ago


    Tough loss Bobbi but we gave it all we had and at least we lost to a real football team and not a bunch of goons