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The Beach Boys once said "be true to your school" and I couldn't be more proud to be a Spartan product—not to be confused for the extremely cheap retail produce goods.

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI I have always lived, died and bled green for Spartan sports before, during and after my graduation in 2004.

I can be found watching them and other in state favorites (Pistons, Lions, Tigers, etc) on satellite at local establishments in the Upper West Side of NYC, my residence for the last five years.

I also have adopted some of the classic non-Yankee (hate) New York teams such as the Giants, Jets and Mets.

I look forward to slinging some sports here with the Bleacher Report and hobnobbing with you other dignified sports fans out there.

Go Green!

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  • John Rozum posted 1302 days ago

    John Rozum

    thanks a lot man. glad i could help ya. much appreciated

  • Brian posted 1563 days ago


    Hey Ryan, I appreciate the edits!

    When you say I need to embed the photo in the website, do you mean I need to further embed it on my blog so that it imports correctly? Or do I need to select the photo once it arrives here as an import?

    Thanks again!

  • C S posted 1564 days ago

    C S

    Thanks a lot for the edit Ryan.

  • Stix Symmonds posted 1564 days ago

    Stix Symmonds

    Thanks for the edit and feedback!

  • Hayden Kim posted 1567 days ago

    Hayden Kim

    Thanks for the edit Ryan I appreciate it!

  • Scott Weldon posted 1570 days ago

    Scott  Weldon

    No good reason for a slash rather than a dot. Thanks for the edits. Looks good

  • Sal DeRose posted 1572 days ago

    Sal DeRose

    Thanks for the edit!

  • Eric Felkey posted 1573 days ago

    Eric Felkey

    Thanks for the edit Ryan!

  • Michael Botsford posted 1578 days ago

    Michael Botsford

    Thanks for edits Ryan. You might just be right about the TWs, but I did mean what I wrote in the article! :)

  • Jim Sheridan posted 1578 days ago

    Jim Sheridan

    Thanks for the edit Ryan, congrats on your Spartans this season.