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College Basketball Lead Writer Jason King joined Bleacher Report and Turner Sports in December of 2013. Prior to that he was a national college basketball reporter at He also spent four years covering college football and college basketball at Yahoo! Sports and was a longtime writer at The Kansas City Star.

King's work has received mention in the popular book series "Best American Sportswriting" and he's been honored numerous times by the APSE, USBWA and FWAA. King has also authored two books, including the 2011 best-seller "Beyond the Phog: Untold Stories from Kansas Basketball's Most Dominant Decade."

King grew up in Dallas and graduated from Baylor. He now resides in Kansas City.

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  • Jerry Duncan posted 189 days ago

    Jerry Duncan

    Jason, a truly outstanding story about Lacey and Andeian Payne. You captured the essence of what love and giving is all about so perfectly. One of the best I have ever read.

  • TJ Stevens posted 189 days ago

    TJ Stevens

    Thanks for writing a great story on Lacey Holsworth and Adreian Payne. It was such powerful piece of writing that made me cry. I don't understand why it isn't on the homepage because it is one of the best articles on B/R that I have read since I started reading B/R. I hope you come up with more powerful and insightful pieces like this one in the future.

  • JIM CLARK posted 189 days ago


    Jason. A wonderful job of capturing the entire story of Lacey Holsworth and Adreian Payne. Not just recently--but as the story unfolded. After reading today's article, I am totally convinced that EVERY ATHLETE (amateur, professional, etc) should read this more than once. The story is incredibly powerful and sensitively written (A Pullitzer should be awarded for this reporting)...and the message is so significant that overlooking it would be a shame. thought is for you (or ESPN or B/R or someone) to publish it or reprint it as an e-book. And market it on's "kindle" listing. Or even print it and offer it to anyone who subscribes to B/R. (You should charge for it and give the money to Lacey's fund).
    Athletes need to realize the impact they have on those who watch them. Even those who watch from afar or who they ignore in an autograph line. And they should realize what happens when they smile at someone they encounter. The world would be better off if they do. (I also think politicians should read this article as well. For the same reason.)
    Jim Clark...

  • Fife Alexander posted 216 days ago

    Fife Alexander

    So how bout them Baylor Bears?

  • Matt Popkin posted 222 days ago

    Matt Popkin

    I find it interesting the way your "team" made predictions about the Round of 32 games, in particular i am interested in your excessive focus on points per possession when comparing UNC vs Iowa St. Correct me if i am wrong, but UNC has played and beaten how many top 5 pre-season teams(Duke, Kentucky, Louisville, who else...i am leaving out michigan bad) in a year where the ACC is better than the Big 12, no offense against the Big 12 or its teams, you position that UNC's "poor" defense has existed in the last three games which were 1) At Duke, where duke has a credible winning streak, in what is considered to be the "penultimate rivalry" in college basketball, 2) Pittsburgh in the ACC tournament, which needed a win, desperately and 3) a providence team, which was down in the game, despite the many miscues that UNC committed, and eventually won out. This is all forgetting the fact that Iowa State has lost a key big guy(Carolina is a pretty big team in comparison, weight + height) and yes, Marcus Paige when he is hot, he is hot, but there are more shooters on UNC(like Mcdonald). I find your analysis to be highly flawed, and while i will agree that Iowa St is hot right now, I would say that discounting these factors is naive, and forgets to take into account surrounding players, coaching, matchups, or anything else, almost points to the fact that you are hoping that Iowa St. wins, which is fine. Just thought to remind you that Carolina has the capacity to beat anyone, and has shown it, it also has the capacity to lose to anyone as well.

  • Jason King posted 226 days ago

    Jason King

    Jeffery - Thanks so much for the kind words. The reason T.J. Warren was not in the Top 25 is because the article was filed before the brackets were revealed. We were trying to work ahead on a busy selection Sunday and, considering the mediocre/underwhelming/under-achieving/blah season North Carolina State endured (again), we didn't anticipate the Wolfpack being in the NCAA tournament. Needless to say I was among the millions of people across the college basketball landscape that was shocked when the committee awarded NC State a berth. Warren is definitely one of the Top 25 players in the nation and probably would've been in the Top 15 had I known his team would've received a bid. Hope that explains his omission from this list and that you've calmed down enough to enjoy tonight's game. Wolfpack vs. Xavier in Dayton. That's big time. I'm sure you're beaming with pride.

  • Jeff Wallace posted 226 days ago

    Jeff Wallace

    After reading your Top 25 Players to Watch in the NCAA Tournament article, I was so amazed at how uninformed you are. I felt like I needed to comment on it as well as copy and paste my comment on here to maximize the chance that you will read it.
    "I'm Never reading anything else from Jason King again. Obviously he does not know his college basketball. How does anyone not include NC State's T.J. Warren. Not only was he named ACC POY (which you list 4 other ACC players on this list) he led the 5 Power conferences in Ppg and FG%. Avg. more steals the UNC's Paige. Led the ACC in offensive rebounds. Had more 40 pt games than Duke's Parker had 30pt games. And had more 20 pt games than Parker and Syracuse's CJ Fair combined. And he's not in the Top 25 Players to watch? Is this a joke? This list is the top players right? Not the top teams. Come on you can do better than that. What a journalistic FAIL!"
    PS- Feel free to reply back and explain why TJ Warren is not in the Top 25. I can't wait to hear the reasoning. Thanks.

  • Boone posted 226 days ago


    In your article "NCAA Tournament 2014: Biggest Strengths and Weaknesses for Every Team", you have the wrong picture for North Dakota State. You put a picture of the University of North Dakota. I know you may not care about the state of North Dakota, but that is our equivalent of putting a picture of North Carolina for a discussion on Duke. They're both in the same state, so it's close enough, right?

  • Ryan Bender posted 254 days ago

    Ryan Bender

    You keep going on about Florida...Okay here is the case for Syracuse being #1. First, and most obvious...they haven't lost. Not at home, not on the road. Period. Two of their closest wins came against Pitt who is much better than 32 in the country. Pitt's only loses came to Duke, UNC, a very talented Cincy team, UVA, and twice to Syracuse - all by a combined 15 points if you take away the Duke score. Miami played Syracuse tough, sure...but they ALWAYS plays Syracuse tough because the slow the tempo and attack the zone and play great defense (10th in points against in DI ball). Syracuse beat Duke with 91 points - so they can turn it on when they need to, it's all relative to how they play the game, i.e. 92 against Cal. They handled Villinova no problem. You know EVERYONE gets out of bed to play #1 in the country, too. They have unmatched team chemistry (along with the best PG in the country which is the most important thing in tourney play). They have the champions ability to take the opponent's best shot and make the play to ensure victory when they need to...considering how difficult is to win in Pitt, how they won, speaks more to the confidence and toughness this 'Cuse team beating an NC State team that saw a victory at Syracuse as a season savior. Motivated underdogs are not easy teams to run over. The fact that they have been through these games only makes that 2nd layer of skin thicker. Ennis' 3 pointer btw - great shot, not a miracle...he squared up and and actually hit a long jumper, he didn't heave it to the gods wishing for a break. He made a play, just like the steal and layup from the NC State was a great play by the better team that had an off night from an emotional roller coaster of a week. 25-0 in the ACC beats out SEC all day long.

    Now let's look at the Gators - who play in the SEC....which doesn't mean the same thing as it does when your talking football. Now I know their team has it's nucleus now intact and they are on a roll. They are one of the 5 most dangerous teams in the country. Hell, as a 'Cuse fan I hope they get set up in a different region come tourney time if they are healthy. If we meet them in the championship then so it goes, and I love our chances - it would be a heck of a defensive battle and it would come down to heart and one or two plays (again, I like the Orange if that is the case because they've proved they can do it). Florida has 2 they lost twice. They lost two basketball games...? So I am sorry, they don't belong as the #1 team in any capacity. Kentucky is simply not that great of a team. Loads of talent but confidence is obviously not something you can buy on recruiting trips, Calipari. Dangerous team but not very good by any means. the Florida/Kansas score would be different now - with Embiid playing like he is/healthy that game would be much closer and Florida would probably lose. Then again, you never know what Kansas team is going to show up, either. Streaky. Let's take a look at who else Florida beat............................Memphis? Richmond? Missouri? Tenn twice? Put TN up against Pitt and watch what happens. Put any of those teams up against Pitt and see what happens. Arkansas by 2? Who has Arkansas beat? Kentucky and Minnesota? I know who they've lost to - Texas A&M, LSU, Georgia. Florida State? They probably won't even make the tourney now.

    There is no argument here, man. Even if 'Cuse goes down to Duke by 10 points Saturday, they are still the best team in the country. Time will tell, but your argument is just weak.

  • Tom Rector posted 255 days ago

    Tom Rector

    Jason message me on Facebook and I'll give you my phone number and we can talk about it I know all about this deficiency. Google US patent 6630507 and you will see the US government patented cannabinoids for their anti-tumoral and neuroprotective properties. urine testing is counterproductive. Do you think the dolphins were a better team without Ricky Williams or the Cardinals are a better team without chane behanan?