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Andrew Romero

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Hi fellow Bleacher's im glad you took the time to check out my page. Well i few things about myself i enjoy sports and who on earth does not. I live in Austin Texas so the Texas Longhorns are my team as are fellow texas sports teams the Spurs, Rangers, Cowboys. But im more of a St.Louis Rams fan its funny cause as a kid my dad wanted me to be a cowboys fan but i really liked the Rams helmet as a kid and im happy to say im still a rams fan even if its a bad year like the past few have been. I am also a fan of MMA and Wrestling sure the wwe my not have the energy or spunk it used to have but i will always be a fan. If you play video games sweet add me on the PS3 or 360 CaptainKirk1990 and yes as you can tell by the name im a star trek fan so what :) . I know this is not facebook so i think thats about all i need to say about me hope to have good talks with all the fellow bleacher's on any topic of sports so that is all.. Happy Bleaching

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